Guest Star: Tinkerbell

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest story was sent in by a reader that would like to stay anonymous and is about their cat Tinkerbell:

Tinkerbell loves ham and cat treats she also adores being stroked and brushed,  her typical day will start by strolling in from being out at night after challenging foxes that come out in the evening.

She will eat her breakfast and then go off to sleep for a few hours in her Cat cave purchased from Katzenworld. There are times she will drop off a dead mouse in the front yard and for that she get’s a treat.

Also Tinkerbell does not like seeing other cats in the back garden whilst she is sat on the window sill from inside she’ll start growling to make them know she is watching them.

A few months ago Tinkerbell decided to wee on the next door neighbours front door mat who also has three cats not sure if she was marking her territory or just wanted to annoy the neighbour….

She also likes to go for evening walks and will wait around the corner if you are quick to run into the local Sainsbury’s supermarket.

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