Meet the family de Corbières

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens

In a small village, population 700, in the south of France, lived a human, all on her own. She had not had a cat in residence for several years and needed the wise companionship that only a feline, or two, in residence could bring her. Of course, I am Colette and since this is my story, why would a human need more than one when she is blessed with me? Okay, I will give her some credit, I was at the S.P.A. in Port-la-Nouvelle. The resident human was okay but too many people kept coming in and out. Worst of all, they wanted to grab me, touch me… Also there were always other felines coming and going.  Yes, I did reach out to this one human, but she was quieter than the others and didn’t grab. No, the fact is that I rescued her from a life of being cat-less! 

Please, I am madame Simone and I have come to join mademoiselle Colette and the human. Perhaps she was here first but I do not challenge her, I only want to be her friend. While I was fed and cared for in a very basic manner at the S.P.A. Narbonne, it was so crowded and many were meowing for a place to call their own. It is quiet here, perhaps too quiet with nobody acknowledging me.

This is not how I imagined things would be.Alas, I am boxed in in my own home! Simone follows me everywhere I go and boy, can she eat! Now I have to worry that I don’t starve. Will the human forget her place? I shall purr and meow this much, I will not back down… 


Ah, I’ve been caught. Well why would someone put this great bag here if it wasn’t for me to play with? A girl just wants to have some fun, n’est pas? This is all just a muddle. Colette was supposed to be cuddling with me by now. To be perfectly honest, I do believe this human is obsessed with taking photos of us beautiful cats. Yes, I dare say, why wouldn’t someone want to capture such loveliness?

Cushions apart, Simone sighs her blue eyes ablaze with loneliness how long must I go on this way? 

Purrr, please join us to see what happens next in our tail!

Purring-ly, Mademoiselle Colette and Madame Simone

Disclaimer: Any and all mistakes are strictly due to human error and will be dealt with.

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