Oliver: The Cat in the Hat was yesterday…

… Today it’s me and the teapot! : D

Yes my humans were planning to take some photos of this rather nice looking cat teapot and they HONESTLY thought that I would let them do that undisturbed?!? I don’t think so…

Oliver: It’s got a Tuxedo cat on it wooohooo! But wait… whitetail?!? That’s not me! That’s another Felix cat. :O

Oliver: I wonder what they will be making in this…

Oliver: I am sure I saw some catnip tea in the cupboard… yes I am certain it’s there. And it would be lip smacking delicious if they made me some of that in this teapot! 😀

Nubia: I believe the humans are planning to have a tea party with this silly brother… And shouldn’t you let our humans friends and followers see how pretty this teapot is?

Oliver: Fine fine… I’ll let the fellow humans see that… But I am sure I am prettier. <3

Oliver: There you go! The design is called Cats in Waiting and designed and made by Ulster Weavers!

Oliver: A bit more about the tea pot from their website:

Produced from the most delicate quality new bone china but strong enough to withstand daily use, this 6-8 cup Cats In Waiting design teapot depicts colourful cat illustrations around the outside to co-ordinate with our kitchen textile items and placemats and coasters. Full range of dinnerware items available. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Oliver: My humans asked me to let you all know that they fully agree with the above and that they’ve been using it for a number of crazy cat people gatherings. 😀

Nubia: In fact brother… I am sure I spotted them also using the matching mats and coasters!

Oliver: Yes… they really love this design so if anyone is looking for a present for them you can help them collect them all. 😀

Nubia: And if you need a present for your own humans why not get them this teapot?  I am sure they will get you fresh tuna as a thank you. 😉

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace


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29 thoughts on “Oliver: The Cat in the Hat was yesterday…

  1. franhunne4u says:

    And then there is always the Dunoon brand – with their many, many beautiful cat designs. Teapots, mugs … I am fully addicted to their Nevis mugs (containing nearly half a litre) and love THEIR cat designs.
    There are way more beautiful cat dishes out there than I have storage room … *sigh*

  2. Léa says:

    Oh, I should love a teapot that looked like that. Alas, this single human household would prefer a much smaller, say two or three cup? C’est la vie!

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