Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – Visit to the Cat Cafe

Hi everyone,

We are back for our seventh cartoon of The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia!

Today’s story kind of relates to one of our favourite activities, visiting cat cafes. For the cartoon we thought about what it would be like if Oliver & Nubia could visit one of these cafes. : )

Do you have some ideas for future cartoons? Let us know! : D



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20 thoughts on “Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – Visit to the Cat Cafe

  1. Actually, I do have a cartoon idea or two. They both deal with the same issue and that is welcoming the ‘new’ member into the family. One cartoon could focus on a new addition of similar age and one the adjustments when the new member is a kitten. There could also be adaptions for special needs… Just a thought. 🙂

    1. Educational one is a good idea! I’ll see if my friend would be able to do a more general intro one rather than on e about our two

      1. I shall look forward to it. A friend’s husband used to make the cutest duck cartoons on postcard sized water color stock. He had me mail one for him from Paris as it was two wayward America pilots flying over France… He passed last year and is greatly missed.

  2. Love these cartoons.
    Dealing with a trespassing dog could be one episode. I’ve had some good laughs from that in real life, with our cats chasing terrified dogs!

      1. One Siamese we had put such fear into a cat-killer German Shepherd that the poor creature emptied its bowels all the way down the road while running away yelping. Maybe the sheer unexpectedness had something to do with it.

  3. This is great! I especially love the first panel, where Oliver and Nubia are being welcomed so happily by the cat cafe kitties. 🙂

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