Where does one’s love for animals come from?

Ever wonder when, why and how people come to loving animals?

The original of it all.

I have and I’ve come to think it can be caused by so many things but one of those causes is *genes*.

The love one has for animals is *hereditary*!!

I know, this sounds crazy but I can only speak from my personal experience.

I’m in a family of animal lovers and we’ve had our fair share of animals in the past few years. A large variety of them, with my dad bringing them home all the time.

Cats, dogs, rabbits, monkeys, geese, hens..

So by now I think I’ve painted the picture clear enough.

But why do I say it’s hereditary?

In his student years, my dad owned a cat called Nick. His best friend. My dad would spend his last coins buying sardine and bread for Nick. He would go to the cafeteria to fetch food for his cat and mostly to his own expenses.

Who does that??!!

Well apparently my dad.

On the other hand, for years I was convinced that my mother hated animals and that she was forced to accept their presence because of dad. But guess what? I was wrong.

It turns out that mom owned a cat round her teenage years. She didn’t tell me her name but it was mom’s first born child.

At that time, to get around people worked by foot, cars being rare and roads untared. My mother would walk the distance to school with her cat sleeping in a little cloth tied around her breasts.

This cat would lay quietly, enjoying the ride. Every once in a while mom would stop for a drink and release her “baby” so she may ease herself and then off they would go again.

Everyone already knew this cat and would ask mother “where’s your baby?”.

I found this completely hilarious because my mother hated to see us carry our cats around like babies whereas years ago she did same.

Ironical right?

Some people would think that hugging, kissing and carrying a cat, buying expensive food and sleeping in the same bed with a cat is crazy, but I’d like to say it’s amazing. ?

So with this said, I think you can all agree? with me that one’s ?love for animals is hereditary!!
In the years, we seen so many cats come and go but I’d like to introduce you to our recent babies.

Please say hi

Sleeping on clean clothes ?

Anyways, what else can cause someone to develop a love for animals in general, I’d really like to know what you all think.

Thanks for reading


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33 thoughts on “Where does one’s love for animals come from?

  1. Léa says:

    Of course the cats sleep on the fresh laundry, they want to have sweet dreams! As for heredity, perhaps it skips a generation at times. Naturally I love cats, hard to imagine who wouldn’t, and each of my children have at least one pet. My daughter has been doing animal rescue since before her teens and always has a full house. Any animal that came into my childhood residence never lasted long… I mean what could be better than a cat or two in the house, unless it is three or more.

  2. helentastic67 says:

    As previously mentioned, Jessie was our black cat when I was young, she had it to about 17? My father if caught offgusrd would be seen being very sweet to her. I loved Jamima sleeping on my bed with me. It’s the maternal instinct! Cheers,H

    • Idealize says:

      It’s so cute ? I might seem to complain about their fur all over our laundry, but it’s just such a joy. Thanks for commenting and I wish you all the best in everything ?

  3. weggieboy says:

    I can’t imagine not having animals in my home, though I have to put up with things like Dougy, one of my kitty boys, destroying furniture with his claws. (I am a terrible cat trainer!)

    My philosophy is if you can’t handle a little chaos in your life, you shouldn’t have a pet. The joy of watching them play or playing with them, observing their reactions to their world, the softness of their fur, the rumble of their purr when you hold them, and a thousand other things makes it unimaginable to live in a world without them!

    Each kind of pet brings a different sort of joy, though I’m at a cat stage of life now, and find them to be a new and amazing joy compared with earlier fish, rabbit, reptile, and dog pets. Those earlier pets were appreciated in their time, of course!

    • Idealize says:

      Wow you’ve had a full and accomplished life so far and that’s great. I agree, pets are worth having, they create so much joy and satisfaction, they are not just our pets but our friends.

      Hahaha Dougy seems sweet, my female cat Chou is a hunter and comes and offers her catch to my mother every time, guess who cleans that up??

      I’m an animal person except for my deathly fear of snakes, I’m good with everything else and I bet you we’ve had lots of different animals as pets so I know what I’m saying.

      Thank you so much for your comment and it’s a pleasure to meet you and exchange. I wish you all the best with everything ?

  4. stellrstar says:

    Sometimes we refer to the three cats in my family as ‘kitty people.’ I love to take care of the kitty people in my house. I know that they all have their special characteristics, and I love them for who they are. They are kitty people; I am a cat lady! I belong to them; they belong to me. I believe that someone’s humanity–their kindness–can cause them to love animals.

    • Idealize says:

      ??? aww please kiss patches for me, that’s so sweet of him/her (sorry don’t know which one ?) and thank you so much for your nomination, that’s so sweet of you too.
      I wish you all the best ??

  5. Valentine says:

    Mom comes from an animal-loving family. She grew up with cats, dogs, ducks, parakeet, fishes, and horses. The family also took in orphaned fawns to nurse them back to health and release them back into nature. My grandpa is a retired wildlife officer & my auntie continues in that profession in enforcing laws that protect wildlife from illegal hunters and poachers. Mom loves all nature’s beasties that visit her garden, just like Grandma, Grandpa & Auntie does and loves to be out in nature to view wildlife as they do. Mew Mew!

  6. colonialist says:

    Nature or nurture? When one comes from a pet-crazy family the example is there from babyhood. In fact, our cat taught me to walk and would share my cot. Now the grandkids are all lovers of all birds and animals.

  7. tippysmom2 says:

    If it is hereditary, it must be a paternal gene. I know a couple of families that the mothers really, really do NOT like animals. But, all of their children do and the twin girls in one of these families have become vet techs. Love the story of your mom and her cat. Your newest babies are adorable.

    • Idealize says:

      Hi, nice to meet you and thank you very much for your comment. ??

      You raised a good point, even I thought only my Dad did but turns out that my mother does too. I think it’s cause these men have a tendency of expressing their paternal instincts with animals too, before and after the kids are born whereas mothers are scared of the disease these animals may transmit or are too busy taking care of their little ones.

      What do you think about that?

      • tippysmom2 says:

        I don’t know. I think the women I know just don’t like animals – whether they have children in the house our not. I know some men who don’t like them either, but it does seem to be more of a woman thing. I don’t know how the 2 ladies I know were raised, so it could also just be a case of nurture, where they weren’t exposed to animals/pets as children, and, therefore, are afraid of the unknown.

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