My first visit to a cat cafe – Maison de Moggy

Last week I experienced my first visit to a cat cafe.  I have heard great things about cat cafes and particularly about Maison de Moggy in Edinburgh.  I was looking forward to my visit as my idea of heaven is being somewhere surrounded by cats.  However, I did have some mixed feelings.  Cats Protection and the RSPCA have both made statements that cat cafes may not be good homes for cats. I didn’t want to form an opinion without seeing what it was all about and experiencing it for myself.

My first impression was of a place with a relaxed atmosphere, a focus on the cats welfare and happy sociable cats.  It was made very clear to us before we could even enter that the welfare of the cats came first, which is exactly how it should be in my opinion.  Clear rules were explained and we were supervised during our time in the cafe.

It was a sunny day and many of the cats had found sunbeams to sleep in.  Marcel, a Bengal Siamese, was having such a good stretch in the sun but unfortunately we could only see his legs!

There were still a few active cats around, who were keen to play and meet the guests. Little Elodie, the Sphynx cat, in particular was full of mischief and was out to steal some cake for herself.

There were lots of walkways, high places and hidey-holes for the cats meaning that they didn’t have to be near us if they didn’t want to.  Pauline, the beautiful Maine Coon cat, chose to observe us from a height.

There were also lots of different toys.  Despite this, a cardboard box proved to be a sound favourite with Philippe, a Bengal Siamese, and the other cats.  As is always the case if you buy your cat anything they will always prefer the packaging the contents!

Having been I would definitely go again and in fact wonder why I’ve waited this long!  If you want to find out more you can visit the Maison de Moggy website here.

My blog, Rory’s Feline Good, provides updates on the activities that I am undertaking to fundraise for Cats Protection.  It also covers general cat related posts and lots of content from my two adopted boys, Rory and Mac.

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6 thoughts on “My first visit to a cat cafe – Maison de Moggy

  1. Charles Huss says:

    That’s looks like an interesting place. There is a cat cafe a few towns away us but I have not had a chance to visit yet. I should try to do that next weekend.

  2. RoseyToesSews says:

    I haven’t had the chance to visit a cat cafe myself yet, but would love to. I think the ones that adopt out cats too are adopt great idea, but can also see the benefit of having permanent residents. They’re more likely to be used to their environment so relaxed adopted sociable within it. This would give visitors a calmer experience. They may also have a favourite cat who they like to see regularly.

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