Fun time with smelly valerian and pawesome catnip

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Hi everyone,

We hope you are having a great week?

As some of you may know we are currently running a series of monthly giveaways with our German partner 4cats.

One of our recent winners kindly put together a review for us that can be found below. 🙂

Now if you’ve not yet entered why not head over here for your chance to win a box of mixed toys? 😀

Just a quick post to say Thank You Very Much for our 4Cats giveaway win. The kitties were really excited to receive the parcel, and enjoyed helping me unpack the box.

4cats toys

“Hey Onni, look at this box full of things. It smells great!”

155 img201704261743414640

“You’re right Pepper, these things smell great! I think they’re for us kitties. I hope Mum hurries and unpacks the box.”

144 img201704261740550520

“Hey! What are you two looking at?” mews Naja as she saunters down from the cat tree. “Oooh yes, I’m sure these must be for us, you know how much Mum and Dad love us. And Mum said we won a prize recently”

152 img201704261742130101

“I love this smelly Valerian! It smells a bit like Dad’s feet and smelly cheese!” says Pepper, as she’s playing with the Dolphin.

“You’re right Pepper, the Dolphin is fun. This Cat Nip pillow is fun to rub on too. Smells great!” says Naja.

145 img201704261740118581

“This Valerian pillow is keeping me amused” says Taivas. “It’s purrfect for wrestling with!”

143 20170421175016

“I prefer to just lie and gently rub on the Valerian pillow” says Sweepy

137 20170421144036

“I like to have a good roll and rub on it” says Flash

141 20170421134247

“Hmm, none of us are quite sure what to do with this one, but I just like to rub my head on it” says Pepper

139 20170421134113

Everybody loves this Dolphin. Here are Onni and Taivas with it.

As you can see, our cats are extremely impressed with their 4Cats toys. I’ve only given them these four shown so far, saving the others for another time.

You can smell the quality of the Valerian and CatNip in these toys yourself – our cats are fussy about cat nip, and won’t play with inferior nip. So judging by their response to these toys, they’re obviously high quality.

Our kitties give 4Cats toys a 5 star recommendation, and I would buy them in the future.

Sadly Cookie was outside whilst gathering photos, but she has given her approval to these toys too.

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17 thoughts on “Fun time with smelly valerian and pawesome catnip

  1. They really are great toys. Taivas like to wrestle with one of the pillows, and he’s a big (7kg) Ragdale. The pillow is still completely intact, despite his best efforts to destroy it! 😃

    1. Glad to hear! 🙂

      I’ll sort your author account today btw. It’s been a bit mad after coming back from Japan.

          1. I’d love to visit sometime. We don’t tend to holiday now though, a choice we made when deciding to have so many kitties. 😃 A happy choice I’d like to add.

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