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Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest post from Claude! We hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we did.



I am Claude and have put together a guest post for you all. Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

This is a very fresh new cafe in town, we all know that Cat Cafe is very famous since Japan and Korea has its own cafe, and we often see this cafe through social media, and of course celebrities who loves cat visit this famous cafe like Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift (search for more celeb) Cafe is one of the famous place to kill time and we all love cafés here in the Philippines there are many famous cafe that we all love to visit and one of the FILIPINO FAVORITE OF ALL TIME is the world’s most known Mermaid the Starbucks, since  Starbucks have a great effects people came up with a lots of idea and why not put up a cat cafe like in Japan and Korea and maybe like the other countries who has different kind of cafe.

cat in cat cafe

Velvet Friends Cat Cafe is located at the 2nd  floor of BayView at Pasay City entrance fee 280php and 240php for Students ( just present your School I.D) what is included in your entrance? A complimentary pastry and drinks. A 1 hour time with the Cats. Tips you should bring your own socks if you’re wearing sandals or slippers or wear socks, because when you enter the cafe you must wear socks and if you don’t have any, they sell cute socks for only 45php. You can enjoy your day while playing with the Cats, Inside the cafe you will be ask to sign a waiver and they will brief you about the behavior of the Cats, the interior of the place is very beautiful and it has a modern design and of course everything is related to the cats, when i went and try it for the first time the feeling is so cozy!! I really love the vibe its very quiet and mute I enjoyed reading my book and I enjoyed taking photos with the Cats.

They also offer different kinds of Beverages like smoothies, teas, coffee and other pastries.

This Cat cafe is a good place for you and your friends because this is something new and the place is worth of Instagram and for you and your friends to experience new environment for sure one of your friends is a pet lover or even a cat lover just like my friend Maidee the real reason i enjoyed this cafe is because of her, i knew that she really loves cat i mean REALLY REALLY LOVE her ipad is full of cat pictures and every time i see her Facebook post it’s more on cats and she loves to share videos of cute and adorable cats, and because of that we also become fond of cats. You can celebrate your birthday here or it can be an intimate party or cat day party.

Oh! Look we have 2 friends in the background, my favorite part of the cafe.

Kitties are sleeping because i went there in around 5:30 – 6:00 and the pet server told me that, that time around is their sleeping time so most of them are sleeping but still they are so adorable.

I don't need to be skinny to fit in.
I don’t need to be skinny to fit in.

The cats are sooooo! Adorable they look like a stuff toys but they are real. And they are so cute.

Caption: sometimes all you need is laid your head and just wander with your imaginations.

cat in cat cafe

Remember this adorable social media phenomenal  cat Maru  who made his video became viral. and the video that he put his whole body in the boxes.

But back to the cats in the cafe

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Even us cats love hugs hihihi

And some more cute photos. 😀

Before we continue let’s look at some random cool facts about cats:

In the 1960s, the CIA tried to turn a cat into a bonafide spy by implanting a microphone into her ear and a radio transmitter at the base of her skull. She somehow survived the surgery but got hit by a taxi on her first mission.

The technical term for “h airball” is “bezoar.

Female cats are typically right-pawed while male cats are typically left-pawed.

Cats make more than 100 different sounds whereas dogs make around 10.

A cat’s brain is 90% similar to a human’s — more similar than to a dog’s.

Cats and humans have nearly identical sections of the brain that control emotion.

A cat’s cerebral cortex (the part of the brain in charge of cognitive information processing) has 300 million neurons, compared with a dog’s 160 million.

Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, especially when they learn by actually doing rather than simply seeing.

Basically, cats have a lower social IQ than dogs but can solve more difficult cognitive problems when they feel like it.

Cats have 1,000 times more data storage than an iPad.

A cat’s nose is ridged with a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint.

These facts abouts cats came from

cat in cat cafe

But on a second thought!!! I might as well play. You can play with the cats as long as they are not sleeping you cannot disturb their sleeping since it’s their sleeping time, you must learn how to respect the cats too, because if you disturb them the cats can harm you or worse even bite you. Cats are treated with love a nd care they are very affectionate animals and they can understand feelings as well. I know I’m not an expert about cats but i do research about them and also watch tv shows about cats, but for all cat lovers. I know they understand this kind right?

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Rob Stark is not the King of the North I AM. Lol my inner game of thrones

cat in cat cafe
I ask you where are you and you told me I’m on my way and here i am in front of you sleeping.

Dude sorry, got drunk last night

Cats! Cats! Cats Please i suggest you try and visit this very lovely Cat Cafe.

cat in cat cafe
I’m in prison. Lol

And  i’m looking forward to came back here with my lovely friends and I bet it will be awesome, because nothing beats when you’re with the people who makes you happy and laugh all day.

All in all they have 14 breed cats so there you have it Cat Cafe is off to my bucket list (and I’m hoping i will have chance to visit the cat cafe in Japan) my next cafe wander and I’m still trying to look where the Harry Potter themed cafe since I’m a die hard fun of HP and currently my reading the books because if i wanted to be truly be a potter girl i need to know the real story not just by the movie or just because Harry Potter is the boy who lived, right? Hagrid?! Hahaha anyways I’m really bust with my on the job training, that’s why i need to find time to make another new post, but i will never give up looking for my HP cafe!!! Insert fan girling at the moment.

Please don’t forget to like and share your thoughts with me!! Cause I’m a girl with a thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “Guest Post: Velvet Friends Cat Cafe

  1. weggieboy says:

    Err! Errr! Errr! Kitty overload! Whew! Loved this post today! Never too many kitties or too much to know about this wonderful creature! And a Maru video on top of it all!! I need to run down my kitty boys now and give them a big “scritch” and pet them and get this need for a kitty interaction of my system….OH! Dougy, kitty that he is, sensed my need and put his paws on my calf! Bye for now! Kitty time!

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  3. My Art says:

    Siamese cat, right? i am writing a book about a Siamese cat. it is kinda cheesy, but it is about cats trying to take over the world. 😀

    • Marc-André says:

      Glad you got to see it. :-). And if there are any other posts you’d like to share drop me an email and we would love to host another one of your stories. ^^

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