Caught in a sunbeam

I was working in the study yesterday afternoon. The curtains were closed because the room faces west and I needed to process some images. It’s lovely to see the wildlife outside, but when colour and detail are important, the last thing you need is the sun in your eyes. The cats also love to watch the wildlife and so they had repeatedly jumped on my desk and pushed their way through the middle. It wasn’t a large gap, so I left the curtains alone.

Then Chai wandered in and greeted me as usual by jumping on the top of my chair and chirruping, before rolling down behind my back. She would have stayed had I not winkled her out and placed her gently on the floor. Then she spotted the narrow ray of light and jumped up on one of the radiator hammocks to bathe in the sunbeam.

The sun was about to disappear behind neighbouring woods, so I grabbed the camera and yelled for my husband to come and catch her attention. We probably had less than a minute, but I was able to capture the image featured above. Cats and light – perhaps one of my favourite combinations.

I had less than a minute before the sun moved round
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24 thoughts on “Caught in a sunbeam

          1. Hahaha – you’re making me grin madly in the middle of the office. It is lunch time so I suppose I’m allowed – but still! 😀

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