Guest Star: Tigger and Daisy Mae

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest feature comes from Crystal Stewart and is about her two cats.


Hello everyone, I would like to share the story of two of my rescue cats Tigger and Daisy Mae.

You see right before we rescued Tigger, we had another rescue kitten that died after a week because her previous owners flea dipped her to early.

We eventually rescued another cat and her name was Tigger. Tigger was a rescue cat that we got from a friend of mine at work. I know you’re probably thinking how is your cat a rescue cat if you got her from a friend at work.

The following are some reasons that make Tigger a rescue cat and they are:

1. My friend had so many cats that not all the cats got treated equally
2. Tigger was the runt of the litter so she didn’t get treated as good as the other cats
3. If you would’ve heard some of the things the previous owner did, you would’ve rescued her too. In fact, some of the things the previous owner did could have been consisered abuse in some instances.

When my family brought Tigger home, she was scared to death of all of us and even ran and hid from us. When I came home from work, I found her in my bedroom closet. She eventually warmed up to Mom and I and it took a little bit longer with Dad.

However, in Tigger’s old age she couldn’t get around as good as she used to and that’s about the time Daisy Mae came into the picture. The following is the story of how we found and rescued Daisy Mae.

One night when I came home from work, I could hear something. As it turned out, it was a cute and adorable little kitty cat with good lungs. We estimated that the little kitty cat that we found or rescued was about 4 weeks old. Of course my family and I fed her and put her in a nice warm bed in the garage and eventually brought her into the house.

We did get to see the mother cat who kept coming around after she dropped off her kitten at our place. We always thought the mother cat wanted to make sure her kitten was going to be taken care of and when she reallized her kitten was going to be taken care of, the mother cat stopped coming around.

A few days later we had my nephew’s 4th birthday party and we let my nieces and nephew name the kitten. The nieces and nephew decided to name the kitten Daisy Mae. My sister and brother-in-law gave us a cage for the kitten but it ended up, Daisy Mae was so small she was able to get through the holes in the cage.

Since we had Tigger at the same time as Daisy Mae, we had to figure out a way to introduce the cats to each other. We put up a screen door and that worked well for a while but eventually the screen door came down. When the cats were finally introduced to each other, everything for the most part went well. Of course, Tigger was the one that did all the hissing when the screen door came down.

Since Daisy Mae was the younger kitty cat, it helped Tigger become more playful and more mellow. In fact, Tigger warmed up to my Dad right before she passed away on September 11, 2015. We miss Tigger everyday.

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As for Daisy Mae, we have had her for 10 years and this year will be 11 years. Daisy Mae has been a joy and a blessing. We love her a lot. My family and I feel that God brought us Tigger and when she passed away, God brought us Daisy Mae. My family and I felt that God knew we would eventually need some joy and we would be sad when Tigger died. The joy Daisy Mae has brought our family is beyond words. Daisy Mae has been a blessing that is for sure.

By Crystal Stewart

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9 thoughts on “Guest Star: Tigger and Daisy Mae

  1. The Chaos Realm says:

    As an aside, a family member had a HUGE flea infestation (actually an epidemic in our neighbourhood–neighbour had her house bombed)–all the topical flea stuff, pills, etc. didn’t work one bit. What worked?–regular bathings in that old-fashioned remedy pine tar soap and house treatments with natural flea sprays (indoor and outdoor) from Vet’s Best. Along with diatomaceous earth sprinkled around the outside of the house. Seriously! Great non-toxic solution that was actually effective.

    • Marc-André says:

      Sometimes House remedies are better than all the chemical stuff we end up buying far too often

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