Oliver: So my sister thought the tower from TiggaTowers is all hers…

Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here today! And as you can see… I decided to take over the tower that my sister was trying to claim for herself!

Oliver: What?!? You are saying I should be nice to my sister and let her have the scratch tower? :O

Nubia: Yes! Get of my tower!


Nubia: *Angry tail flap and deadly glare* off… now…


Oliver *Stretches* Me? Never.. This is all about sharing!

Nubia: *Roars* Get off now!


Oliver: Maybe if I ignore her she’ll just walk away…?

Nubia: I’ve heard that…


Nubia: Come on! Move!

Oliver: No…


Nubia: Fine… I’ll go and eat your crunches out of YOUR bowl instead…

Oliver: Oh? Really? Enjoy! 😮


Nubia: MEOW!

Oliver: WHAT? You are back already?!?

Nubia: Yes you ate all your crunches AND mine too!!!

Oliver: I don’t remember that…

Nubia: Let me on now! 😀

Oliver: We’ve been over that an hour ago… I am on here now…

*hours later*

Oliver: She gave up in the end… but all this excitement made me really sleepy… But before I take my well deserved nap let me give you all the details on where you can find these towers. You can find their awesome towers on the official TiggaTowers website. 🙂

Oliver: If you’ve got a sister as annoying as I do you might want to consider to convince your humans to get a bigger one though!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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27 thoughts on “Oliver: So my sister thought the tower from TiggaTowers is all hers…

  1. This is so funny! It reminds me of my kitties, who have a favourite position on their big cat tree. I’m sure they have these type of conversations too! 😃

  2. How funny ! They are an endless source of entertainment ! It is good to see Oliver standing his ground against Nubia, though I hope she got a turn on the Tigga Tower later on.

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