Bruce the Cat finds a Home by Kathryn van Beek

Hi everyone,

Today we would like to introduce you to the story of Bruce the Cat and the new children’s book about him by Kathryn van Beek.

Bruce the Cat is an internet sensation who was found on a footpath and hand-raised from one day old. He has also changed colour (from grey to black) and now he’s releasing his very own book.

More videos of Bruce can be found in his YouTube channel.
Bruce the Cat is about to release his very own children’s book… but his own tale very nearly didn’t start at all.  A year and a half ago, Kathryn van Beek discovered the bedraggled one-day old kitten alone on a footpath.

She fed him around the clock and named him after that other famous orphan, Bruce Wayne.

The tiny kitten’s story went viral; he now has over 30,000 Facebook fans from all over the world who hang on his every photo and exploit.

Kathryn has now written and illustrated a children’s picture book Bruce Finds a Home. A Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign kicked off on Wednesday 24 May.

The Kickstarter campaign will allow people to pre-order copies of the book. There’s a range of rewards for those who pledge, including custom illustrations and even Bruce’s paw print! People can also choose to donate copies to The Animal Rescue Network, a charitable trust dedicated to helping stray and abandoned cats and kittens.

About Bruce the Cat
Bruce has almost 30,000 fans on Facebook and is also on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and of course YouTube. He appeared on TV1 News and featured in local and international media. Find out more about Bruce by visiting his website or his Facebook page.

About Kathryn van Beek
Kathryn has a master’s degree from Victoria University’s Institute of Modern Letters. She won the 2015 Headland Prize for a short story and Best of the Auckland Zinefest 2015 for her collection of illustrations. Find out more about Kathryn on her website:

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14 thoughts on “Bruce the Cat finds a Home by Kathryn van Beek

  1. kiwidutch says:

    I’ve been enjoying catching up with a heap of posts… love the antics of Bruce he remind me so much of my childhood shorthaired jet black cat “Endora” (a “she”), who’s company we adored in our family for 19 and a half years. She was a mostly outside cat and would sleep in my sister’s room at night.

    Now I live in an apartment and both my daughter and I have pet hair allergies so no pets at all… I miss that my kids can’t have the experience of having an animal, but my daughters allergy is so strong that she breaks out in a rash and itches after less than an hour, my allergy is less per rashes and itching but my asthma gets a ton worse at night so even getting a little fix via “pet sitting” for others is completely out of the question.

    Looking at Bruce bought back some amazing memories and made me feel quit emotional. Thank you for the lovely photos and please give Bruce a cuddle for us.

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