Tips & Tricks: Build your own cat bed from a blanket!

Hi everyone,

This was such a cute and informative video that we just had to share it with you all!

Watch it for step by step instructions on how  to create your cat a very special DYI cat bed. 🙂

This was originally posted by Ar Lin in this facebook group.



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15 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Build your own cat bed from a blanket!

  1. I have visited the Air Lin page and there is torture to cats. One of them is clearly terrified!

    1. Oh no! I’ve always only seen good stuff there. But it could be that some of the members post horrible stuff you get that in most Facebook groups. 🙁

  2. Aww, Lettuce would have appreciated this. Though it wasn’t as fancy as those, I’d make my soft, fuzzy blanket into a bed for her. If I forgot to do it, or didn’t make the donut bed just right, Diva Princess Lettuce would definitely let me know, straightaway!

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