Café RonRon – Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan

Hi there!

I’m Laura – the currently-in-Japan kitty correspondent. 🙂 Welcome to my first post – all about my first visit to Café RonRon!

It’s hidden on the second floor, up a tiny staircase in the Okaido shopping arcade here in Matsuyama – but once you make it up, you’re presented with a small area in which to take off your shoes and get your indoor slippers on!

My Japanese is awful, but together we managed. ^^
Once you get inside, a staff member will explain the rules to you, then you can order your drink (hot or cold) and proceed through to the cat room.
The door is glass, so you can see whether or not you will run someone over with it as you enter. It also makes for an amusing sight when the kitties are all waiting at the door because it’s snack time!

I ordered a hot cafe au lait, and went in!! Drinks are delivered through a hatch to the kitchen – no snacks in this cat cafe but you really don’t need them!
Photo spam!

All in all, I had a wonderful time at Café RonRon!
The cats are healthy and happy, and have plenty of places to escape should they get fed up of humans. There’s also a nice view over the shopping arcade, and all the cat climbing trees are in the window!! 🙂 The staff asked me if I had a nice time, and if I liked the cats! Yes yes and yes!! They also asked what I was doing in Matsuyama, and in my best Japanese, I answered “ジョブ” (job) and received a hearty “ああ!頑張れ” (aa! Go for it!) in return. 😀 They also gave me a cute badge which I think I will put on my backpack. ^^


Price for 1 hour + drink = 900¥
Website here:

Ja ne!


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