Cat Travel: Maison de Moggy – The Bengal Brothers

Hi everyone,

They had 2 lovely Bengal Brothers in the cat cafe. We are just not too sure if we actually managed to take photos of one or both of them! 😮

Can you help us identify which of the two we took photos of? 🙂


Surely the floor isn’t the most comfiest place to sleep on?


I love my two black / black and white cats but there is just something about the coat of the Bengal cats that’s stunning!


At last someone has found a far better place to nap! A bed high up near the ceiling. 😉

Now using the info on their website here can you help us guess if we took photos of Marcel or his brother Philippe?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and are looking forward to finding out more about the other cats that live at Maison de Moggy. 😀

Missed our initial post? No problem it can be found here!

To find out more about Maison de Moggy visit their website or Facebook page. Already made up your mind? You can book a slot here!

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18 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Maison de Moggy – The Bengal Brothers

  1. chrisscatmeow says:

    Must be Marcel. I stay about 30 miles from Edinburgh and after looking at their website im definitely going to go.The cats all look so beautiful.x??????

    • Marc-André says:

      🙂 let us know if you go and would like to do a guest post follow up. ^^ and of course say hi for us. 😀

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