Nubia: It’s Raining Purple Worms!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here once again. Lazy brother is probably sleeping somewhere…

Anyhow! so I was relaxing in my nest of purple worms the other day…


Nubia: All cosy it was and I was about to go to sleep.


Nubia: But when there was that noise!


Nubia: I looked left and saw nothing.


Nubia: I looked forward and nothing again.


Nubia: But when I looked upwards and there they were!

Nubia: Evil rogue purple worms! :O

Nubia: Well maybe more fun than evil. 😀

If you want to make your kitties happy these came in one of our My Purrfect Gift Boxes! 😀

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Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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75 thoughts on “Nubia: It’s Raining Purple Worms!

        1. I’m sorry if I came over mean because that’s not how I wanted it to come over. I took Spanish but Can’t speak it conversationally so when I see a comment or post in another language, I get frustrated. Glad your learning English.Would you kindly tell me the translation of what you said if you can-please. I’m sure like you it frustrates you with English as it does with me seeing another language. Good Luck. You seem like a nice person do you have any blog sites or sites?

    1. Hello I LOVE PETS, I hope this link helps you. Try going to and that will take you to the page. Across the top of the page there are different places you can go. It should be Newsletter should be somewhere toward the middle. Let me know if this helps. If it doesn’t, ask Marc. GOOD LUCK. By the way I LOVE PETS, what is your link to your website(s)?

        1. I hope I helped I LOVE PETS AND SOME OTHERS. Personally, I think the Katzenworld Newsletter is a good thing to sign up for as well as the Katzenworld Forum. I hope putting the link out there will bring more people and hope it was OK. Found the link on Google and tried it out before giving it out.

        1. Hiya! It takes me a few weeks to sort the TRTs as I pre schedule about four of them due to the amount of entries. Apologies.

          1. I don’t have enough time yet. Please stop telling me and asking me. Go to my blog and look at my about page. I’m very young so please stop.

  1. I have a box of this stuff on the floor for the cats to play with. Actually, now that I think of it, I have two. One is a little gift box full of the stuff, the other one is a much bigger box. We find it all over the house. I like it because it is good entertainment for the cats! Ours isn’t purple.

  2. Your Majesty, those are some pawsome looking purple worms! I bet you put the rogue ones back into form! I haven’t played with worms like that before. I bet they are fun to play with. You take such stunning pictures! Winks!

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