Book Mews & Worldwide Giveaway: The Trainable Cat

Hi everyone,

Today we have a very special book for you by John Bradshaw & Sarah Ellis called The Trainable Cat.


About the Book:

From the on-screen experts for BBC2’s Cat Watch, and based on their groundbreaking research – this is the ultimate guide to making your cat a happier, more sociable animal.

The idea of a trained cat is a contradic

tion in terms, isn’t it? Naturally solitary, wary, easily threatened by newcomers, they are attached to place rather than people, and much of their ‘antisocial’ behaviour arises in situations where that attachment is threatened. But, as cat experts Sarah Ellis and John Bradshaw argue, such stress-induced behaviour can be prevented, reduced, even eliminated, by training.

A comprehensive and engaging step-by-step guide, The Trainable Cat will help you to help your cat negotiate the complexities of everyday life: to enjoy living with humans – including new babies and lively toddlers – and other pets; to answer to their name; settle into a new home; and to overcome the anxiety of a visit to the vet. You can train your cat to do what is in its own best interests – even when its instincts tell it otherwise.

‘I doubt you’ll find a more well-informed or scientific book on cats that better shows you how feline thinking works’ The Times

Over-all verdict: This book is amazing and packed full with tips on how to best approach training your cat! Don’t believe us yet that a cat can be trained? Well Sarah posted some tips and videos on our Blog so you can actually check out some of what the book will teach you here.


To enter for your own chance just click here and gain entries at winning the game. The more entries you gain the higher the chance you could win game!

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  • Worldwide entries are welcome
  • Postage to UK addresses is FREE.
  • Rest of the world – winner to cover postage cost due to the weight of the book.

Entries are accepted until the 11th of April 2017.

Good luck everyone!



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20 thoughts on “Book Mews & Worldwide Giveaway: The Trainable Cat

  1. helentastic67 says:

    I’m a little dubious. I always figure they train us, unless it benefits them. And they make it seem like they are compliant…….like , sure if you put that hot polar fleece blanket on your lap in summer I might get on there so you can pat me and love me…..see?

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  3. daisymae2017 says:

    I like this giveaway. I’m kind of like helentastic67, I figure cats train us or humor us not other way around. Anybody that can train a cat more power to them. They also must have a lot of patience.

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