The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia – Attack of the Arachne

Hi everyone,

We are back for a third instalment of The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia!

Today’s story is all about the horrible crawly demons… spiders… unfortunately it transpired that both me and Oliver are terrified by them. But more in today’s comic.



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42 thoughts on “The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia – Attack of the Arachne

  1. mommakatandherbearcat says:

    Sometimes you just need a woman to get things done right 😉 Bear Cat isn’t scared of spiders … he likes to rip their legs out one by one … and he gets mad at me when I don’t let him play with them.

    • Marc-André says:

      Nubia just splats them! Or worse eats them alive in one giant mouth opening… she once swallowed one alive that decided to attempt to crawl back out. Most disgusting… 😡

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  3. terrepruitt says:

    Just “splatting” them is GREAT. I would rather have that then a legless corpse lying around. I used to pick up “fuzz” until I picked up one too many legless bug bodies. Now “fuzz” waits for the vacuum or a tissue. Teagan and Nessa love to play with bugs!

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    Bwahahaha! Nubia sure showed that spider who’s boss. Marc and Oliver, we understand … we’re not huge fans of spiders in the house, either. 🙂

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