MoCHA Cat Cafe in Tokyo, Japan!

Hi everyone, I’m Teri (guest blogger)!

For those of you who have never visited Japan, or even considered visiting Japan, now you might!

In the land of themed cafés, the most popular type is cat cafés! I was able to visit one called MoCHA Cat Café in Harajuku, Tokyo while I was venturing Japan last summer.

MoCHA has several cat café locations, but the one I went to was located Harajuku, which opened up in March 2016, and is located on the 4th floor of the building. The building was pretty easy to miss! Thank goodness I had a pocket wi-fi during this trip.

There were several rules and procedures before entering in the cat room.

We had to take off our shoes and were provided with indoor slippers to wear. There were cupboards available for your personal belongings as well, which was locked with a key. The key has a rubber band thing so you can wear it around your wrist (which is so convenient!)

With huge windows, a tree with bird cages decor, and a pastel colour palette, Harajuku’s MoCHA café was beautiful in person! The place itself looked big (due to the wide windows) but the space itself isn’t as big.

All the cats were all soo cute and their fur was incredibly soft and fluffy!
There were also toys available for you to interact with the cats, besides petting them!

When we first arrived, the quiet atmosphere and soft meowing of the cats was what I had envisioned a cat café should be. But after awhile, there was quite a number of people in the café and it turned off my mood to interact with the cats because there was so much more people than before. Probably because it was starting to hit the afternoon peak-time and more customers have started to come in.

Would definitely recommend coming at an off-time to have more interacion with the cats and an overall better experience of a cat café!

Nevertheless, I had a fun time at the MoCHA Cat Café!

It was nice being able to sit down, pet some fur babies and get a drink. Even if you’re not petting cats, seeing them roam about, or interaction with others is enjoyable too. It was quite relaxing activity overall.

If you visit Japan, definitely put visiting a cat café on your list!!

Thank you Katzenworld for allowing me to guest post!

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?  If you’re interested in finding out more about MoCHA, here’s their official website that you can check out! 🙂

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