In the Can: Cat Food Textures Decoded!

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve once again teamed up with our friends from petco to provide you with another one of their infographic series.

Cat lovers would do almost anything for their pets. They buy them special toys—even houses. They get them regular care at a favorite veterinarian. Scratching towers? Check. They find snuggle-friendly beds so their felines can rest in preferred spots.

The same consideration comes when owners consider what food to buy for their pets—and what wet food would be best for their cat’s health and well-being. That’s because not all wet food is the same—it differs in texture and flavor, among other things.

Let’s talk about texture first, because not all wet food texture is the same. Wet food textures range from pate—super smooth, super uniform—to flaked—lots of thin, little pieces—and stews, which are a chunky mix of meat and vegetables. And then some wet food is also mostly broth, flipping the mix


For further information check out their How to choose the best wet food for your cat.

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21 thoughts on “In the Can: Cat Food Textures Decoded!

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  2. terrepruitt says:

    To further make it a job to find food our cats will like, each manufacturer does their shredded and flaked different. At least that is what I have experienced when shopping cat food. I think my cats like flaked. I haven’t actually tried ALL these types.

  3. Jennifer Lynn Daniels says:

    great article my cat and my sister’s cat recently went through a phase of not liking some wet Foods that we would normally give them. I went out and I’ve bought expensive brands not so expensive brands basically anything that I would hope my cat was going to eat and not turn his nose up at. I seem to be doing okay now I get him a couple of different types of food with different textures the article was fascinating thank you

  4. helentastic67 says:

    Jamima is a big fan of GRAVY! Perhaps you can tell me why she prefers to drag her food out of the bowls and then eat it off the floor? And it doesn’t matter what type of bowl or plate I give her or the food. Raw meat is her favourite thing to eat off the floor….cheers,H

  5. KiM says:

    Yep, Pate only for our two. They might touch minced but I’ve never tried that one. In the search for grain free and quality ingredients, I’ve even blended some shredded varieties in my mini food processor. Nope – pate only. Strangely enough, they won’t eat chunks in their wet food and they won’t touch crumbs in the dry food. Now freeze-dried treats can come in any shape or form.

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