Cats at The Bar: The picture that inspired it all!

Hi everyone,

Have you ever wondered why Tom’s own Blog is called Cats at The Bar?


This is the photo that inspired his Blog’s name! And you can certainly see how it was very fitting. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Cats at The Bar: The picture that inspired it all!

  1. I liked the picture so much I inadvertently tried to click “like” twice. Little did I realize that “un-likes” it. So I clicked a third time. Much like!!! 🙂

  2. Hello ,

    I’ve read your article and would like to share the story of my cat “Zazu” .

    About a year ago , one of my colleagues informed me about a kitten about 15 days old being abandoned by his mother and was found on our company’s terrace . The kitten was helped by the my colleagues but wouldn’t eat or drink milk.

    They asked me if I could take the kitten and try and nurse it back to health.

    When I looked at the kitten , it was like he was bones and a coat of skin. I took him home and he was scared of the new environment but the next morning he started drinking milk and exploring the new environment.

    It’s been over a year he’s become such an integral part of the family.

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