Jerry and me…

I’m going to share with you my cat cave from jerry’s only because you are all my friends. I normally wouldn’t share such a special place that I love to nap.

Jerry is my best friend who is a cat cave. I bet you thought he was a mouse or something like that. Jerry is made from a company in Germany that makes stylish and we’ll made cat products. This cat cave is 59 x 35 x 36 cm) to ensure that larger cats or maybe TWO kitties can fit in the cave with no problem.

Here’s a little information about the cat cave. First off cat caves come with the jerry’s company logo on the left ear. It has air holes to ensure safety. Most packages also come with a cushion for your kitty to have some padding. 

  • Made of good quality plastic to ensure it is easy to clean, suitable for indoor & outdoor and will be your cats favorite cave for years to come
  • All caves are made in Germany with the highest quality manufacturing process, ensuring the utmost safety for your cat
  • The bottom of the cave has 4 air holes to ensure that it provides sufficient air flow at all times
  • The cave is heavy enough (approx. 2.4kg) to ensure that your cat can’t easily topple it over but light enough to move it when necessary
  • Modern and stylish design that will make this not just your cat’s cave, but also part of your interior decoration!

I’m not sharing my Jerry Cat Cave for you to climb in with me. I’m just letting you know why I get a good night sleep and so you have to go get your own.

If you still are not sure about getting a jerry’s cat cave here’s some more information you should know. They are easy to clean and your kitty can’t destroy it even if they tried to. They are so sturdy and just the right weight. What I like about purchasing a jerry’s cat cave is that for every cat cave sold, jerry’s donates 1€ to charities helping animals that are not as lucky as our own cats. They also donate their cat caves to charities in Germany – for example, the shelter in Berlin has quite a number of them – which thanks to the easy cleaning, helps cats and humans alike.

Thank you for stopping by so I could share jerry’s cat cave with you and let you know how special it is to me. Before you go I would like to hear your thoughts.

See you next week,

Love ,

Angel’s Eyes -Persian

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31 thoughts on “Jerry and me…

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  2. The Canadian Cats says:

    Angel’s Eyes is beautiful. Pardon me for getting distracted but I love the bow in her furs. How do you make it stay? I want one of those bows…mom…I need a bow. Thanks Angel Eye’s. *wink*

    Kitty Kisses,


  3. Valentine says:

    Angel, kitty of my dreams… and my Twitter lady cat pal. You are so bea-u-ti-ful! Would you let me sit with you in your cave sometime? I have been trying to court you… Thanks for sharing thoughts about your cave. My mom asks “does the plastic off gas when first new?” She worries about stuff like that ’cause I have allergies. Luv you!

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