Dirk & his Cat Candy

Remember when I told you about the Cuddly Cushion and how the name pretty much gives away its purpose? Well, the Cat Candy toy is playing mind games a bit! You think, candy!!!!! I love treats! And then when you first see the toy, you’re a bit confused, because it isn’t actually a treat?! I mean, you certainly can’t eat it.


All right, so it looks like a treat for people. The ones with colourful wrappers. You’re thinking, how is this going to be a treat for me? And then you see the ribbons and you start to think this might actually be a great toy! I mean, I don’t know about you, but RIBBONS!!! For some reason my mom thinks it has these ribbons so she can take the toy away from me, but I’m not giving it up that easily. Personally, I just love to chew them.  


Wanna play?

Must say that those ribbons do mean that me and my mom can have fun with it together. I love it when she tries to take it away from me. Obviously, she doesn’t stand a chance against my nails, but I’m a good sport. I’ll let her win occasionally just because it’s so much fun chasing the toy again when she throws it away. And let’s be honest here, people are sometimes such sore losers, if I don’t let go of the toy then she’ll never want to play with me again (or perhaps that’s just my mom?)


See, she doesn’t stand a chance!

Am considering letting go….

Don’t worry if your mom or dad is not in the mood for games. This is also a very soft toy so good for cuddling, though I prefer kicking it. You can have loads of fun with it!


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If you’d like to get your paws on one of these just tell your human to get one from Ruffle Snuffle and are £3.95 each plus postage to your cat den.

About the Author:
Karen is originally from the Netherland, but now lives in London with her husband and their cat Dirk. She works as a cat sitter for Cat Care London.

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This is me with my lovely cat Dirk! Let me tell you something about both of us.
I work as a cat sitter for Cat Care London and am basically surrounded by cats 24/7! I also occassionally walk dogs or board hamsters or rabbits, which Dirk doesn’t seem to care about at all!
Dirk is roughly 8 years old. I got him 6 years ago from a shelter. Dirk is truly the most loving and lovable cat I know. He is very interested in people and loves being cuddled a lot. Dirk spends most of his time relaxing with me or anywhere around the house really. He is also quite playful and loves the games that involve interaction the most.


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