CATB: Time for a Break…

Hi everyone,

We are back with more blasts from the pasts from our CATB files!


Taking a break from the screen.

And haven’t we all had this moment before… Trying to get something done on the laptop only to find that our beloved cat companion has decided it’s the purrfect heating pad? ;D

More from the CATB files to come soon!

Caught in action? Share your funny pet photos with us. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “CATB: Time for a Break…

  1. It is not just the lap top, the PC keyboard, and the TV changer; my catz sit on or at everything I want to do AND should I find my next “project” including dishes cat free….it only takes one minute of my interest in something to make it become a catz magnet; even if whatever it is, is not producing heat. ~~dru~~

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