Are You Keeping Your Cat In The Manner They have Become Accustomed To?

Let’s face it, cats were once worshipped as gods, and they have never forgotten that fact. That is why they need to be pampered, stroked, treated and generally spoilt. But are you allowing your cat to live a life of luxury that they deserves? Read on to find out.

Do they have their own hideaway?

While many of our feline friends are happy to spend time in the company of their humans for belly rubs and associated snuggling also seen on Tummy Rub Tuesday. It is also a good idea to allow them to have a spot or two in the house where they get to indulge in some alone time.


There are several options for this including cat shelves and cat trees. Cat shelves are perhaps the most complicated and expensive option. These are shelves which are attached to your walls, that act as steps and places for your cats to explore up high. Of course, most kitties adore them, mostly because they get to look down on their owners, and occasionally pounce from an unexpected spot!

Then you have cat trees, which are structures made from wood, carpet, and rope which provide platforms for climbing and perching. Small covered areas for hiding and sleeping in are provided as well along with scratch posts for well… you know! These are popular because they are movable and not permanently fixed into position so work well if you aren’t so great at DIY or are living in a rented property.

They are so popular that you can even buy them on the internet. Of course, when buying anything for your floor, you should always check online to see if you get get a voucher code that entitles you to a discount. You can read more about this by clicking the link.

No cat should be bored!


Another vital aspect of keeping your cat in the matter they have become accustomed to is making sure they don’t get bored. You can help keep their grey matter ticking over by providing a range of toys and gadgets.

You can try a things like The Dart. Which is an automatic laser toy for your fur baby to chase after. The best thing is you just pop it on the floor, and it does all the work for you. Or how about a food maze to keep them amused? Or of course, you could always go with the classic catnip mouse, which is traditionally loved by all kitties.

Who does your bed belong to?

Lastly another way in which you can tell that you are keeping your cat in the manner to which they have become accustomed to is to review your sleeping arrangements. Some cats have their own beds, while other get to curl up on end your bed. Others still, are completely outrageous and see human beds as their own, and anyone trying to get a good night’s sleep as a sinful interloper!

If your kitty matches the last description, then it’s a pretty safe bey that they are living in the lap of luxury and there aren’t really your pet at all. In fact, sometimes it’s more like you are their servant. But it’s worth it for the purrs, right?

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41 thoughts on “Are You Keeping Your Cat In The Manner They have Become Accustomed To?

  1. dancingpalmtrees says:

    Sylvester my talented Tuxedo is on my bed right now as I read this blog post. When I lay down he curls up next to me. When I purchased a new bed from Sleepy’s about two years ago he figured my bed was his bed. Ummm…. He’s right! Mr. Tuna breath makes himself comfortable along with me!! LOL!! Meow!

  2. colonialist says:

    One simply has to accept that from a cat’s perspective humans exist as a convenience and for carefully rationed companionship. They dislike it when sight is lost of the fact that they are the superior species. As for beds, our ‘purrsonal’ cat sleeps wherever the fancy takes him, including on top of one of the humans at times.

  3. angela1313 says:

    You really covered it all and I am pleased to see how well I did. My cats not only sleep on the bed, they have their own beds on the bed, a big chair and a bench with beds on them, toys everywhere, three cat trees and two fountains. Also, I keep carriers out with cuddly blankets in them for napping in, one under the bench and one under my work table. Their trees are all in front of windows for watching the birds and squirrels. They are so spoiled, I mean pampered.

  4. Rohvannyn says:

    Ah, my floofy Nezumi is well aware of the fact that her kind was once worshiped as gods. Luckily, she’s humble, and content to be regarded as Queen of the House.

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    You are so right. Our cats are loved and pampered, for sure. As for the big bed, we often find ourselves sleeping in contorted positions because Gracie and Zoe have chosen their spots. And we are fine with that. 🙂

  6. helentastic67 says:

    I love that you make it sound like we had a choice? Cats go where they please……Sometimes making Hide and Seek fun for us. I have kept my old couch because hot or cold Jamima favourite place to hide is underneath and inside the lining. The hole she gets inside got bigger as she got bigger and the thin fabric gives her a nice hammock. Cheers,H

  7. alaskaminxy says:

    This is great! We have three cats and just the other day, we were talking about all the spots are eldest cat has to relax. She’s 21 this year. Two spots with pillows in the closets, the bottom shelf in the panty with a pillow, under the dining table with a pillow, two boxes in the living room and then her piece of wrapping paper in the kitchen hallway. She has us trained very well.

  8. heretherebespiders says:

    What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine – cat ownership rule. By that I mean they own us and all of our stuff! Just put up a giant cat tree for my boys, come have a look. It is really nice!

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