Nubia: Ready… Steady… CHARGE!

Hi everoyne,

It’s Nubia here today! And oh my cat am I so trying to catch this furry thing…


Nubia: What! where is it going! o.O

More in action in my video! Roar!

Nubia: More of this in pictures below. 😀


Nubia: Oh it’s moving less at last!


Nubia: WAIT! Stay here!!!! o.o


Nubia: Tasty little thingy come back to me!!!

Nubia: Well I almost had it there!

Nubia: Time for a change of scenery~!

Nubia: That was so much fun! 😀


Nubia: Now that I’ve almost destroyed the flat…


Nubia: I am completely exhausted!!!! Time for a nap… Well ok let me tell you more about this first.


Nubia: This is the toy that’s been making me run all around the living room all day! It’s a Silvervine Teasin’ Tail. And teased it certainly has me. 😮

You can purchase it from many pet retailers such as Amazon UK.

Oh has anyone seen Oliver?!? o.o

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace


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