Nubia: Very slowly… Don’t disturb… and…!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today and I just have to tell you about my new treats… 😮


Nubia: Of course I had to carefully sniff it first…


Nubia: Rub my lip over it.. (You never know with all the stuff humans make us try!)


Nubia: Give it a little lick… *TASTE SENSATION*


Nubia: *Snaps it out of the fingers* That was as careful as I could… 😮

Nubia: So what are my treats?


Nubia: This is what they are! HiLife Chicken Breast treats. They are part of their Induldge Me! Treats and details on where to buy them can be found here.

Nubia: The best part about them? They are 100% Chicken (Or Duck if you get the other version) without any nasty additives. 😀

Signed by

Her Royal Meowjesty the Disturber of Peace aka Snapdragon!

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29 thoughts on “Nubia: Very slowly… Don’t disturb… and…!

  1. angela1313 says:

    Cats do know how to extract the maximum suspense and subsequent pleasure from everything, don’t they? Great show, Nubia.

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