Two Red Cats 4 – Pigeon Feather

So, unexpectedly and even having many other toys to choose from, Vitali’s favorite thing is a feather… I guess these felines have their personal way to choose what is the best toy!

And  what about your cats? Which one is their favorite toy? It’s the classic fake mouse, a feather, or a completely unusual one? Tell us!

In the meanwhile, if you just can’t wait, there are a lot of strips already published on our official blog (written in two languages, Italian and English), Two Red Cats. And, if you want to skip the Italian part and read all in a comic friendly layout… Two Red Cats is now also on Tapastic! Check it out!

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13 thoughts on “Two Red Cats 4 – Pigeon Feather

  1. jmnowak says:

    We had a special game that involved a bottle top. Too long to explain, but we both had such fun and got some exercise at the same time. Fond memories.
    I love your comic strip! ?

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