Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers & Cat Guardians

Hi everyone,

As all of us you are probably struggling to find time to finish all the things you had planned before Christmas and it’s right about now that we all realise that we forgot to get one or the other Christmas presents This is where our little last minute Christmas guide might be of help!

A fun tunnel to keep your cats busy?

This three way tunnel is especially good for multi cat households as it’ll keep your felines busy for HOURS or at least it did so for our two haha!

Looking for a practical gift for a cat lover?

How about this super cute wash bag by Not Before Tea? The featured cat is Billy. Though I think Nubia was hoping that she would appear on this haha!

Need a stocking to store all of your kitties presents?!?

This super adorable cat stocking by Sophie Allport is top notch and will last you more than a single Christmas! 😀

Have you got a gadget owning cat loving friend?

How about this personalised case from case station! Each case is unique and I for example made one with Oliver on one side and Nubia on the other side. The folio case I went for comes with a “nano glue” strip to keep your phone securely in place while being able to pull it off if needs be. The great thing about this type of glue is that it doesn’t stick to your phone.

Has your cat got too many toys to keep them in a stocking? 😀

This super adorable handcrafted bag comes from the handcrafted Christmas collection! Nubia sure thought the bag and the card were cute. 😀 Though it does look like she was trying to claim it all for herself. *points at Oliver in the back*

How about a more practical present?


1 year membership to PET-GP is only £54 and provides the member with complete peace of mind about their pet’s health, offering unlimited calls 24 hours a day to their pet health advice line to speak to their qualified Vet Nurses. The idea is to help pet owners avoid hundreds of pounds in unnecessary vet bills (2 out of 3 pet health issues don’t require an immediate trip to the vet).

How about a purrfect calendar with kittens and members of the Royal Navy?

The Flying Tigers and Kittens calendar was produced by teams at Royal Navy Air Station Culdrose following the rescue of a kitten from the bumper of a Royal Navy pilot’s car, Lieutenant Nick Grimmer in June 2016.

Something playful or tasty for your fur baby?

Rosewood will have you covered here. Amongst many awesome cat toys they’ve launched a new super cute grumpy cat toy range as well as a new high quality range of cat treats! Rosewood toys are awesome and available at many pet shops and online retailers.

Oliver & Nubia will make sure to review some of these more in-depth over the next few months but we can already provide you with a little spoiler – both of them loved their early christmas presents. 😀

Something useful and cute!

These adorable little shopping bags are made by Re-Uz eco-friendly re-usable shopping bags. Not just are they super cute but you’ll do something good by not using throw-away shopping bags! So head over to Re-Us London to get your personal little shopping companion. Even better use COOL16 to get 10% off your order!

Cute mugs? A  clock or even shoes with cats on them?!?

These super cute items come from annabeljames who has a huge variety of cat lover goods amongst other great gift ideas! 😀

BIG cat cards that will last beyond christmas?


Look no further as as hello GERONIMO has the purrfect large party tiger. 🙂


We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift guide! And don’t forget to tell us which one of these was your own personal favourite item. 🙂

For more ideas it is also a good idea to browse through our Product Reviews which you can find by clicking here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.



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