Safe Plants for your Cats

Who says that plants and cats can’t go well together? If you love cats and gardening, then worry no more, because you can have them both.

As you all know, cats love biting and nibbling different things, and this is the reason why selecting the plants that you will have at home is essential. They are born carnivores though they love having greens in their diet once in awhile. The problem is, your cats might find your plants at home fun to chew. That is why knowing the right plants to have in your home for your cats to be safe is important.

Below are the different plants that you can have in your homes that will not only add beauty to your place but safety for your cats as well.


1. Orchids

One of the most preferred plants by most gardeners are orchids. Some people think that orchids can cause allergies to pets, including cats. The truth is, they are perfectly safe for your cats. You can even add some orchids that are considered as exotic in your home.

2. Pansy Flowers

Flowering Pansy will add color to your home because of the vibrant colors that they have. They are not only edible for people but as well for cats.  But it would be best not to let your cat nibble the flowers and the foliage. It would be better for them to eat cat foods and for you to just enjoy the flowers that will add beauty to your home.

3. African Violet

African Violets are plants that can also add color to your home. You don’t have to worry about your cat’s eating the flowers and the leaves since this type of plant is safe for them. However, it would be best to keep the plant in a spot that is isolated for them to avoid reaching it. Also, regularly water them as they need to be hydrated for them to bloom timely.

4. Cat Grasses

Cats will undoubtedly benefit from Cat Grasses because there are essential vitamins and folic acids in this type of plant. As you all know, grasses are also rich in fiber, which can help the digestive system of the cats to be healthy. Seeds can be bought from nurseries and plant supply centers to plant in your home. Just make sure to use a small tiller to plow the soil before planting the seeds or a rototiller for hard soil.

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5. Catnip

Catnip is the best plant that you can have at home. The reason behind this is that they belong to the family of mint, wherein it has a fragrant essential oil.  There are over 250 species of catnip today. Cats prefer the catnip that bears flowers that are white. You may also grow catnip flowers that are purple and pink.

6. Spider Plant

Spider plant can quickly grow. This type of plant is perfect for cleaning the air in your home according to a study conducted by NASA. When choosing this plant, make sure to water them regularly to avoid them drying out.

7. Areca Plant

Areca plant can grow into a tall indoor tree, which can measure from 6 to 7 feet in length. When planting them, make sure that you lace them in a bright spot and the soil needs to be dried out completely before watering them. This means that you can only water them once every week.

8. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms are perfect for both your pets and your home since it can help in purifying the air. When planting them, it would be best to place them in a bright spot and to water them using filtered water once the soil starts to dry out. Always make sure to check if the plant is draining properly to avoid too much moisture in the soil.

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These are some of the safest plants that you can have at home for your cats. They are safe to nibble and chew on, but it would be best not to let your cat be encouraged into doing this because the plants can be ruined in the long run, which you surely don’t want to happen. Start placing these plants in your home to add decor.

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16 thoughts on “Safe Plants for your Cats

  1. ribbonrx says:

    Great post! I remember when my black kitty Luna was a kitten and I brought her home to my parent’s house on breaks during college. She would show great interest in the African Violet in the window above the kitchen sink. Well, one day she ended up eating the entire thing…? But she was completely fine!

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  3. helentastic67 says:

    I like to let Jamima out into the backyard(enclosed concrete garden) so she can eat some of her ‘Salad’. Which I presume the grass she eats settles her stomach. She is famous for racing inside to throw it up. Recently she has taken to sitting on the top step and throwing up there. Comments please?

  4. kstewand4cats says:

    I always check the ASPCA’s pet plant list now since my youngest cat made me rearrange all my plants. First day free in the house, she nipped all the tips off an aloe plant that no other cat had touched in 12 years. All houseplants are no cat friendly.

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