Something for us Messy Cats! 

Hello again,

I’m here to talk about us Messy Cats who get into predicament and then leave a big mess. I’m not saying we mean to make a mess we just can’t help it sometimes. Besides mess seems to find me and not the other way around. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Mess like getting into a box that you have no idea how it got stuck on me!

The mess I want to talk about though is our food bowl and I found the answer to your problems okay maybe my problem, but anyway I found some products that could help. Messy Cats is a company that has been at work trying to help us cats and your human on the messes we tend to make on a daily basis and really we don’t mean to leave the messy messes for you to clean up we would rather you spend your time playing with us.

Messy Cat has a fantastic non-slip silicone base to prevent damage to your floors and holds 2 stainless steel bowls that come out of the Silicon base for easy cleaning. It also has a raised lip edge border to contain our mess. Messy Cats also make the best lid to cover our leftovers.

This lid is made out of Silicon also it fits 3 different sizes of cat food cans. I have never seen a cat food lid made so universal to fit different kind of can food sizes besides it locks air tight to keep the food fresh as if you open the can for the first time. I give this lid 4 paw of Purrfection!!

I think they are the Purrfect size to contain my mess. Don’t you?

See no fuse no mess.. just good enough to eat from.

Nom, nom… Just saying…

Messy Cats also makes other products from litter mats, litter scoper, litter cleaning brush and more.

I wonder if Messy Cats have things to clean up some of my other messy situations? I think I’m going to go pop on over there after I get out of this predicament and see what I can find before mom sees the mess I got myself into.

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Thank you for stopping by,  but before you go I would love to hear what you thought of my Messy Cat review story. You can see me every Thursday here or stop by on Facebook as see what I’m going to get into next.

Happy Holidays !!

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24 thoughts on “Something for us Messy Cats! 

  1. Denise Sanders says:

    Fantastic review Angel. I love that feeder mat! I have one for Bluebell and it really does work! She can’t help being a messy eater either!
    Lovely photos as well. You are soooooo cute! Xxxxxxx

  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    Gosh I had just finished cleaning up Spikes goody mess I know he doesn’t mean to make a mess as he’s getting older wee pieces of food falls out his mouth,this mat would be perfect I wonder if they sell them in the UK also the lids are a great idea.x

  3. My Theory says:

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  5. angela1313 says:

    Another great review Angel. It really does help cats to have bowls that don’t slide around. They look great, too.

  6. Crystal Stewart says:

    I’m glad to see other cats are messy. My cat gets a little messy. Fancy Feast can be messy and my cat loves Temptations. We also feed my cat the dry cat food Meow Mix. We use Meow Mix Tender Centers, Meow Mix Hairball Control and Indoor Formula by Meow Mix then mix it with Fancy Feast. Has to be beef. My cat is Finicky too. Thanks for the Review.

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