You already know we are mad about cats but…

… did you know just HOW mad we are about cats? ;D

Well today we’ve got a very special post for you. 🙂

A few weeks back I came across Kapow Meggings and as most men my initial thought was “really”?!? BUT when I saw a couple of cat themed pairs that fit right in with my idea of cat crazy… so of course we just had to get a pair in to try them out!

Not just do these sport a super cool Bengal design but they are also incredibly comfortable! So I am afraid we men will have to invade the market for what used to be reserved for women. 😉

So far the only judges have been my partner and Oliver. The later I think thought that the design was slightly too realistic as he tried to find out just how my legs got to look like a cat. ;o

So who are Kapow Meggings? Details below!

Life isn’t meant to be boring. And neither are you.

Kapow Meggings make life fun. That’s it. That’s all we do.

We’re here to add some swagger to your street style and get all eyes on you, because that’s what happens in a pair of Kapows.

B-but aren’t leggings for girls? Hell no, son! Human beings are built for self-expression, and we’re here to give risk-takers and heartbreakers the conversation starters they were born for. Whether you’re rocking our solid gold 24 Carats or second skinning in Jake The Snakes, you don’t just go to parties in Kapow Meggings – you are the party.

We’ve been rocking meggings for years. And man, you wouldn’t believe where they can take you. Backstage, penthouses, secret bars, house parties, and the hidden carnival that is deep playa at Burning Man. Everyone loves a dude rocking good time duds, they know he’s up to party and down for anything. And that’s why we started Kapow. Since we launched, we’ve seen people rocking megs for everything from festivals and fancy dress, to sports and yoga. We’ve even gone corporate and decked out big promotional teams. We’re excited to be increasing the range this year, keep your eyes peeled for some bad-ass designs and other fun stuff we’ve got in the pipeline.

We don’t just sell these bad boys. We live them. Join the Kapow crew and help us bring the mother flippin’ good times!

Our overall verdict: We absolutely love these! If you are crazy about cats like us and are looking for a unique and comfortable pair of bottoms look no further as these are just purrfect! 😀

Kapow Meggings have done brilliantly in designing these to get away from the stigmata that leggings are only good for sport when it comes to mens fashion

Next time we have a cat convention I shall let you all know how it went. 😉

Meanwhile if you fancy getting a pair you can get the Bengal ones or the Party Leopard pair on our Blog Shop or the full range on the Kapow Meggings Shop! 😀

And even better if you use KATZENWORLD15 during checkout on the offical Kapow Meggings Shop you’ll get 15% of your order



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85 thoughts on “You already know we are mad about cats but…

  1. You certainly rock those meggings! My husband told me this morning that he would love to wear leggings (soft, comfy) but they would have to be in the privacy of our own home… 🐈

    1. That’s a perfect place to start wearing meggings. And I assume, over time, it might happen that they will also be worn outside for various occasions 🙂 How was his reaction, if you got him a pair for christmas?

  2. Oh dear god no. My hubby loves our cats, but he would look like he was smuggling a kitten if he wore these! He’s worn some of my tight trousers or leggings in the past (for Halloween) and it is… NSFW.

    1. Oli was a bit perplexed at first as he thought he was walking up to a cat. He is always the suspicious one haha. Nubia didn’t mind at all and came rushing over to lie on my legs 😀

  3. Ummmm… I’m a dedicated Cat Person, but frankly, those pants(?) are uber creepy. They look like something that Podesta or Hillary might wear to a Spirit Cooking and child sacrifice ritual 🙁

    1. We once lost one of our two despite them being indoor only. She snuck out when we had a visitor over who didn’t notice her swift escape! Luckily she came back a day later but it was 24 hours of hell as she wouldn’t be able to defend herself to the outdoor evils with three legs. 😡

      And thank you!!! Glad you liked them. 🙂

      1. It’s been 5 days and nights now that Ophelia has been gone, in below-freezing weather. She has never even been out all night before. I am distraught, as you can imagine. 🙁

  4. Marc. I’m going to suggest they are a right! Not a privilege……… have the right as well I imagine your wife tells you. You put on a few pounds, you lose that right.

  5. Outrageous…in a good way! Not anything I could wear in public, but (if they are as comfortable as you say…) I might try them in the comfort of home. Maybe…!

    1. See I had no previous experience with this type of fashion accessory but give me something with cats and I’m always game. 😀

      And these are much much more comfortable than any of my jeans.

      1. I find jeans to be coarse on the skin and too hot, but those “?” (whatever they are called!) looked snug in a comfortable way. Plus, as you note, they did have that wildcat theme!

    2. If you’re even thinking about getting a pair, you should definitely give them a try in the security of your home. It will be worth it 🙂

  6. Meoww… cool and crazy 😛
    Leggings only for women? Remember that Mick Jagger, Freddy Mercury, Alice Cooper, and previously David Bowie and Lemmy, as well as almost all the rock stars, wear leggings on stage during concerts!
    Comfy and fashion <3

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