How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat

Nothing brings more joy in the house than a cute cat. Cats are pretty incredible and adorable pets. I just love them and keep two in my house. In the short period, I have lived with my two cats, I have learnt one very important thing: cats have particular nutritional needs and so you need to be extra careful about the diet. So, I know you’re probably wondering what is the best food for your cat. Well, this article is for you. I understand how desperate you want to know how to keep your cat healthy and strong, particularly to prevent nutritional deficiencies that most cats face. Furthermore, there is so much conflicting information out there. The right food will keep your cat healthy, full of energy, and at optimum weight. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the best food for your cat.


Cats are Obligate Carnivores- Include Lots of Meat in their Diet

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they need meat not only to survive, but to also thrive. This also means that they must eat meat primarily as their main source of food. They also naturally love meat due to their carnivorous nature.

In their diet, include meats such as beef, chicken, lamb, and fish. Beware of purchasing meat by-products from a pet food store. Most of these foods contain harmful chemicals that may interfere with your cat’s health.

Add some Veggies and Whole Grains

You can as well add some cooked veggies and whole grains to meat. Veggies provide them with some important nutrients and vitamins plus fiber which assist with digestion. Whole grains also provide them with fiber and essential nutrients and minerals. When cooked, they taste much better.


Consider Mixing Dry Foods and Canned Foods

Cat nutritionists recommend mixing dry cat foods with canned food early enough to enable them to get used to different texture. Should fail to do so, the cat may refuse to eat the food mixture when it’s already grown- and this may become a problem.

Watch the Carbs

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen an obese cat around your neighborhood or at a friend’s place. Well, cats are much prone to obesity, especially when excessive carbohydrates are included in their daily diet. Too many calories cause them to gain excessive weight and just like in humans, obesity poses a huge health risk for cats.

Be sure to reduce their carb intake and significantly increase their protein intake, since cats basically rely on proteins for growth and development.


Consider Age-Appropriate Diet

Your cat’s age is a huge factor in determining the best diet plan. Your cat’s diet should be formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs depending on the age, also with consideration given to any other potential health issues.

A kitten needs a high-protein and high-fat diet to develop strong bones, teeth, and muscles. Also, because they tend to be more active compared to adults, be sure to increase their carb intake. Adult cats on the other hand require a low-calorie diet for weight control. Obesity in cats brings about chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, as well as arthritis. A high-protein diet is also required for strengthening their bones and muscles as they near their senior years. Senior cats on the other hand are typically more sedentary and therefore need a low-fat, low-calorie diet with highly digestible proteins to ease the digesting and processing burden on their digestive system and kidneys.

Cats are adorable pets and need much of our love and care. Hopefully, this information will assist you when selecting the best food for your pet.

My name is Diana Hutchinson. I am the founder of I have more than 10-years’ experience in nurturing and caring for cats. I love them. Since long ago they had become important members of my family.

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12 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat

  1. wisewoodpidgeon says:

    Hi there, I always enjoy your blog and am a cat lover from forever! I particularly love the first picture in this post – that little face peering over the table top and such expressive eyes – just gorgeous!! 🙂

  2. Cattie's World says:

    Tell me something, Is it True, that if you keep a cat as a pet, there is danger of you enhaling its fur/hairs and getting Respiratory Problems ?
    I so Love Cats, but this worries me.

  3. Timi Townsend says:

    I enjoyed this post a lot. Cats have always been part of my life since I brought home the first one, named Ballo, when I was 2 and a half years old. Feeding them appropriately is very important, indeed!
    Do you take your own photos? They are lovely, either way. 🙂

    • Crystal Stewart says:

      I agree, feeding your cat is important. My family and I do mix dry and canned food which helps. We had to go to grain-free cat food. We can only feed our cat strictly beef canned food. Sometimes she doesn’t eat it sometimes she does. I shared this article on Linkedin, I liked it so much and feel it’s an important article.

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