Nubia: Will Oliver’s bum fit in this?

Hi everyone,

How are you all today? 😀

My brother and I got another one of those awesome triangular shaped boxes from CatPacks in the post a while back! 🙂


Nubia: And as you know I really love the shape of this box so I was just about to go in but…


Oliver: This is where she made the bill without me!


Oliver: It is MY turn to get into this box…

Nubia: But Oli…


Oliver: Yes?

Nubia: I don’t think your bum fits in there…

Oliver: WHAT! I am not that fat…

Nubia: Just saying… 😉

Oliver: Fine… Maybe we should focus on the content!


Nubia: Sounds like a plan! I want this mouse!


Oliver: This one??? Hmmm….


Oliver: Only if I can have this Almo food…


Oliver: AND this PORTA 21 food as well please!


Oliver: Actually can I have it ALL?

Nubia: Jesus… and here you wonder WHY your bum doesn’t fit in the box!!!

Nubia: Anyway… let us show you all the goodies close-up. 😀

Nubia: But let’s have a closer look at the value of our boxy. 😀 If you’d like to subscribe to Catpacks it’s £19.50 for a box including UK delivery regardless of if you’d just like it as a one-off or a continuous box.

We researched the items in our box on the internet to check if this box truly is good value:

PORTA 21 Chicken dry food 500 gram – Cheapest we found £7.75
Cosma Glory Tin
– Cheapest we found was £1.10, however you would have to purchase 24 of them for £26.40
Tigeria 7 Snacks mix –  Cheapest we found was £1.39
Country pet quality pet products: House Mouse-  
Cheapest we found £6.19
Animonda carny ocean-  
Cheapest we found WAS £0.86 but again you would have had to purchase 24 for £20.64
Coin trolley key black cat – Cheapest we found was 0.46, however you would have had to purchase 25 of them for £11.50
Almo Nature Rouge Label – Cheapest we found was £0.82


Total value: 18.57£

While at first glance it may seem like you’ve not saved money versus buying them individually don’t forget that you would have had to pay individual postage on most of these items. And also most of the items we found were only available in large quantities which means had you wished to try out all the different food AND get the toy you would have had to pay £63.19! Plus an extra £11.50 if you’d want the keyring. 😮

Verdict: This box is a great way to try out a variety of different foods without risking a large amount of money to try different brands. After all we all know how picky us cats can be. 😉

What’s even better all of their food products are high quality! None of the cheaper brands that may contain stuff that isn’t so good for us so we give this box a HIGH PAW of approval.

Oh and they even do special one of orders for starter packs or even a special occasion box in their online shop. 🙂

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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