Purrsday Poetry: The Cat on The Green Bench

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Toril Keiseraas Renolen.

The Cat on The Green Bench

I walk along the pavement
and while doing so, I notice paw prints, small in size
and begin to follow them.
They lead me to a Cat sitting on a green bench.
The Cat says:
«What are you doing here?»
not in a mean way, but a CURIOUS way.
I reply to the Cat:
«I have just been very good and walked a long distance
and I will continue to be good, because I`m walking yet another long distance.»
The Cat asks, wether walking long distances is what I want.
My answer is that I hope to find something nice on the way – a place, some council.
Perhaps even a little gift for being so good at walking distances.
«But you do not enjoy the walking itself?» says the Cat.
«I enjoy the hope it brings me», says I.
«What are you thinking about?» the Cat wonders.
I go quiet. How do I explain that to a cat?
My thoughts are lashed together in a brainlump
like a ball of yarn.
«Why don`t you do what you know is good for you?» the Cat says to me.
«Why don`t you go after what you love? Why is it so hard?
Why don`t you allow yourself to be comforted?»
«Because», I say to the Cat,
«because, I am burdened by things that was never redeemed.»
«But what is your anchor?» the cat wishes to know.
«With that yarn-brain and all that walking you need an anchor.»
«The obsession», I say.
«The obsession for something else than what I have been holding on to.»
The Cat says:
«You are obsessed with the search. Now I see why you think you like walking distances.»
I nod.
«Walk the distances necessary», says the Cat, «but if you keep walking around in circles I will come for you, and you will beg me to put my claws in that yarn ball of yours.»
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