Angel and the mysterious brush!

Hello friends ,

I’m glad you stopped by because I have this really unique pet brush called Bendibrush that could help with your pet’s shedding, tangles, hard to reach areas and even give a good massage as you brush them.

Here’s the story of how Bendibrush came to light.

The BendiBrush Story

Charlie didn’t like to be brushed or groomed.  He’s an active Havanese and it’s important that he’s brushed daily so his fur is kept clean and doesn’t tangle or knot.  We tried all different kinds of grooming tools and brushes for dogs and they either didn’t get the job done or Charlie was afraid of them.  Many members of our family and our friends had the same  brushing and grooming issues with their cats and dogs. Fur balls, hair shedding and knots were an every day problem. One day, as we were discussing the issue, we looked at a pet brush and realized that none of the pet brushes for dogs or cats are designed for the shape of their bodies.  All of the brushes for pets looked like brushes for humans and humans only brush the hair on their head. 

We looked at Charlie’s body and realized if we could design a dog brush and cat brush brush that was completely bendable, with firm yet painless bristles that fit in our hand so it looked like we were petting him, our problem would be solved.  One of us is a licensed groomer and thought it was possible to design such a brush for all size dogs & cats with long, medium or short fur or hair. And so, the BendiBrush was born.  Charlie and his dog and cat friends love it and so do their owners.

Here’s a description of the Bendi Brush:

BendiBrush Bendable Body

  • The bendable body and corners of the brush contour around the shape of your dog or cat and easily helps with detangling and deshedding
  • Plates of firm yet flexible bristles gently brush through tangles and knots
  • Multiple heights of the bristles quickly and easily brush through the top or undercoat and removes loose fur, dirt and knots
  • Rounded tips prevent scratching and injury to your pet and you.

Designed for You & Your Pet

    1. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and is easy to hold and maneuver
    2. Makes grooming quick and enjoyable for you and your pet
    3. For all fur types and for long and short hair dogs & cats
    4. Use Wet or Dry

Bendibrush is also safe for your pet to try to brush him or herself too. Just kidding we all know that our pets live like Kings and Queens that they get the every day spa treatments. Bendibrush round tips massage while you brush that helps make your pet feel relaxed while they are getting groomed for a better results.

You can see why Bendibrush got its name besides all the positive it can do for our pets.

If you want to follow or purchase a Bendibrush for you pets here’s the link below .

Website –

Website to purchase –

Instagram –

Twitter – @anipurepets

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave me a message, love to hear from you .

Love ,

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