CATB: Furry Yin and Yang

Hi everyone,

Embarassingly I’ve not posted a story from the CATB Files for a while so today we had to pick an extra adorable one!


These two were caled Ghost & Spirit.

Have you got shots of your cats together? Why not share them with us! 😀

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38 thoughts on “CATB: Furry Yin and Yang

  1. Sweet !
    I always tell people the reason why I only take pictures of my one female striped cat is because her brother is black and has no features on camera if it’s not in direct sunlight. Just a blub.

  2. So nice to read a post that doesn’t make me cry. I lost a kitten last night too but i still gotz >20 to go. Distemper in a country and in a cat is the pitz. THANK YOU for a site that never makes me sad! ~~dru~~

      1. Distemper is almost impossible to over come and my cat population is feral, semi-feral, or so sick and tired they’ve decided I’m the best alternative. If they are not dying, than I’m the “Cat Killer” and it is RUN RUN for your life; if they are dying than I”m too late but I get to hold them to death…..sigh

        I need the biggest CAT TRAP in existence and enough money to get the remaining ones fixed and vetted, so I can stop this madness.

        Not going to happen but than you for the condolences. I’m sad but tomorrow and all that. ~~dru~~

  3. Our Alexandria and Snow crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but had had a contentious relationship (for 13 years). So, of course, I took pictures every time I caught them together! Your two are adorable.

  4. They’re so sweet! I love the names too. We’ve got so many black cats now (up to 14 black ones) and we’re running out of names. We’ve got a Charcoal, Midnight, Onyx, and Shadow but hadn’t thought of Ghost and Spirit. And we do a lot of ghosthunting, too, you think those would have crossed our minds.
    Great picture!

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