Mews: 2016 Christmas Guide for Catlovers and Owners! *Meow*

Hi everyone,

It’s once again time for our popular Christmas Gift Guide series! While there are still plenty of sleeps until Christmas it’s certainly a good idea to get these sorted early. 😀

If you are looking for the perfect present and haven’t quite decided yet this post is exactly what you need. 😀 We have put together a list of purrfect present for your own cats and cat loving friends alike.

First up we’ve got a few suggestions from Ulster Weavers!

These lovely kitchen and dining items from Ulster Weavers come in two different designs. The Cats in Waiting and the Catwalk range. There are items from as little as £2 so there should be something for every budget!

Next we’ve got something for both the human and the feline in your life from our friends over at Cheshire & Wain.

There are plenty of different collars available over at Cheshire & Wain and of course the adorable Lucky Cheshire Cat. Worldwide shoppers are welcome! Our two have featured some of their collars before as you can see on Oliver and Nubia.

Looking for something special for your best friend?

This super cute personalised Snooze Blanket from PetsPyjamas might just be what you are looking for. 😀 Or maybe the box of Christmas treats?

Looking for the unusual? Fun? Qwerkity has it all!

We picked our three favourite items from their shop! The Crazy Cat Lady mug for those that work in an office the purrfect way to show your love for felines. The Cat DJ turntable to help your cat be the next super star DJ! And last but not least cute the Me, the cat & You pillow cases, and yep they sure got the spacing right LOL.


In need of Calendars or Books?

What can we say… Abrams & Chronicle Books are one of our favourite publishers! They have so many fun, cute and adorable cat books as well as calendars for 2017 that there is sure to be something there for everyone. Available from most book shops both online and in the high street and of course not just in the UK but in most countries. 😀

We shall make sure to review some more these over the coming year!

How about something for the festive evenings… or maybe keep it until New Year? 😀

For that we found these super cute bottles of alcohol from Espensen Spirit a local flavoured gin and vodka maker in Bristol! Available in many unique flavours that are sure to delight the person you choose to receive these.

What’s even better donations from the sale of every drink will be made to different local charities, including the homeless charity Caring in Bristol (particularly close to Sam’s heart as she left home very young and slept rough/sofa-surfed), Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, the Racehorse Rehoming Centre and a local cancer charity.

Looking for the extra personalised item? getting personal has you covered!

What better to get than these pawesome items from getting personal! Each item can be individually customised with names and details! We especially loved the Crazy Cat Lady Mug and Tote bag!

And Nubia’s favourite was the fire truck 😀

The surprising present?

Well you may ask when is a present not a surprise! But on this occasion it really is extra surprising. 😀 KISA is a cute little candle that when burned reveals a golden skeleton in the shape of the animal of your choice. Some may find this creepy but we thought it was most unique! Available to EU and US people through the official pyropet shop.

Note: We recommend keeping Whiskers and small children away from the candle!

Time to find something else for the cat?


How about these lovely organic cat toys from Beauty Naturals. While a lot of their products are as the name suggest beauty products they also do these cute little organic mice filled with catnip!

Presents for the little ones? Check out

Of course we can’t forget the none-furry little ones at Christmas and the dotcomgiftshop has plenty of cute stocking fillers! Above is a selection of some of the cat themed things we found. 😀

For more ideas you can also browse our in house product reviews here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.

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32 thoughts on “Mews: 2016 Christmas Guide for Catlovers and Owners! *Meow*

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    Thank you for all these fantastic ideas. I’m going to check out more of the links when I’m on a bigger screen. I did click the link for that candle because it’s completely amazing and so very me but I cannot justify spending that much on a candle. I might still ask Santa for it though.

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