Shadow Cats

I was just getting ready for lunch when I passed the dining room and spotted Bubu on the giant scratching post. I’ve photographed some of the cats there before because I love the quality of the light, but this time it was his shadow that caught my eye. I hesitated for a moment – so many times I’ve rushed to grab the camera and returned to find the cat in question on the way to see what I’m up to. This time I got lucky and I found not only Bubu still in place on his perch, but DeeDee was on the window sill.

This was great, so I settled down on the floor to make a start, but Buddy had spotted the camera strap dangling over my shoulder. I was trying to take photographs with him hanging off one arm. I grabbed the strap and wound it round my wrist. Buddy wasn’t going to be put off and wrapped both paws around my hand. I hissed gently at him and he gave up and went to see what his friends were up to. So now I had three cats all enjoying themselves in the afternoon sun, casting shadows on the opposite wall.

At one point two of them had a play fight and I was fortunate enough to capture a few unusual shots.

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Zookeeper and amateur photographer.

25 thoughts on “Shadow Cats

  1. Great shots. As many photographers I know always say, it’s skill plus luck, lot’s of luck. These were special.

  2. These are great! It is so great when we can actually get a great shot like this. It is so frustrating when you see these great photos opportunities and then miss them because you couldn’t grab your camera fast enough. So, well done. 🙂

    1. I think it was Henri Cartier-Bresson who said, don’t worry about those moments and just appreciate what is in front of you. I have a load of quotes somewhere. I must dig them out some time 🙂

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