Guest Star: The Story of the Bengal Brothers

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from our friends the Bengal brothers.

The Story of the Bengal brothers

Hi there!

We are two Bengal brothers from the same litter with a very special story.

Our owner wanted a Bengal cat for a very long time. She had done lots of research and study as us Bengals are a very active, crazy, unique and amazing breed.  She had contacted the breeder and waited awhile for a baby kitten to become available. It seemed like forever! Finally she got the call and met the gorgeous spotty litter where she got to choose her very own.


Introducing the Captain!

The kitten had been picked from the litter, when they were only a few weeks old. When they are this small their bones are still very soft and developing. Because the mother cat was so good at feeding them they were very fat and little Captain got a little bit squashed. This affects the shape of his ribcage (it’s more of a circle then an oval) and means he has a small dip in his back. He was vet checked and the breeder asked us if we would still like him. She would only give him to a special family who could understand and care for his needs. He looked a little different and his lungs were going to be a bit smaller so he couldn’t run around as much. We said an emphatic yes! But we also asked since he would be smaller and prone to stress, that perhaps we could have his brother to keep him company. She emailed back and said she was about to suggest the same thing!


This is a very small Captain Trouble. Still with bundles of attitude!


Captain is in the background and Sarge is looking worried in the front.

So a year onwards and they are still inseparable, always wrestling and even napping together. Captain even with his harder start is very active and very happy. They both have very different personalities and while Captain loves antics and getting into EVERYTHING, Sarge likes to wait and always be with people when he can.


Here is Captain with his Panda toy that he carries around!


Here is Sarge with very pretty eyes

With all of their stories and silly videos, we made a facebook page so that others can enjoy their antics and join in the fun of sharing stories of their cats. We hope you join us on our page.


The Bengal Brothers

Thank you for reading their story and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page. Have your own story? Send it in to us by email to have your it featured!

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28 thoughts on “Guest Star: The Story of the Bengal Brothers

  1. weggieboy says:

    Awwww! Reading about the “problem” with Captain Trouble reminded me of my two cats, Andy and Dougy. The two brothers are smoke Persians that I got for “free” – there being no such thing as a free cat….! – because they had flaws that made them unsuitable for breeding or showing. That slight asymmetry in their faces is no problem for me or them, and I love them to death!

    I have no doubt Captain Trouble and Sarge will be a delight to live with, and the decision to take the Captain, though not perfect, will go rewarded with love, laughs, and the satisfaction of taking an animal that is perfect in all other ways!

    • Marc-André says:

      Ah I didn’t realise Andy and dougy got to you in that fashion! How would you feel about writing a story about them and reminding people about the importance of all cats being equally lovable? 😀

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