Run Kitty Run

Ink drawing of a cat running.

This is exactly what the Art Cat looks like when she’s headed for the kibble.

Ink drawing of a cat running.
Doot-doodle-oot-doo-doooo! Charge!

I’m participating in Inktober,  a drawing challenge where participants make work in response to prompts on a list. For October 1, the word was FAST.  Of course, the Art Cat makes an appearance more than just a few times!

Last year, I participated in Drawlloween, which is a similar art challenge, but with spooky, Halloween words. Since I’m not good at drawing anything scary, I just drew cats doing seasonal things!

You can see my Drawlloween posts starting here, and more Inktober entries on my blog, Art is Not for Sissies

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