Infographic: Munchkin Cats

Hi everyone,

So I’m guessing by now you have heard of the short legged Munchkin Cat.

These short legged cats have been taking the internet by storm recently with their stubby little legs and big personalities.

However, they have been around since the 1980s. Munchkins are a breed of cat that are born with feline dwarfism, or as we like to call it “the Munchkin gene”.

The breeding of the Munchkin cat has caused much controversy over the years since its breeding practice started, which is due to the lack of information on potential long term health effects and ethics of selective breeding.

This has caused the Munchkin breed to be recognized by only a few cat organizations, while others remain in opposition of the Munchkin breeding practice. However, Munchkin cats are still adorable little cats and are a very interesting breed in themselves.

Our friends over at created a great infographic highlighting key facts, characteristics, history, health, and care, which sheds some light on this relatively new and adorable breed! Enjoy!


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