Nubia: Yes? How may I help you… ;)

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today with another purple box. 😀

These are really becoming the highlight of my month as they are full of purple worms… my new favourite plaything. 😉


Nubia: Now…. Will you open this already oh servant? 😀


Nubia: YES! My box is open at last. 😀 As you can see we are a bit behind in our schedule as this was the Spring box.


Nubia: My servant’s name of course should be on there but why invite my brother to sneak into what’s clearly a box for ME?!? ;P


Nubia: The Spring card was especially cute!


Nubia: I wonder… Can I get in there if I pull the ribbon…


Nubia: Lets’ try!


Nubia: LOOK “I” opened part of it already… Now do me a favour and open the last bit *purr*


Nubia: *GASPS* The worms are out!!!


Nubia: ALL MINE! 😀


Nubia: Look… It’s a treasure hunt. 😮


Nubia: What? I am in the way? You want to look at the goodies?


Nubia: Have I really got to move… 🙁


Nubia: *grumbles* Fine fine it was worth it…

Nubia: *excited* Look at all the cat themed goodies! :O

Nubia: Now that the humans had time to show of all of the toys and cat lover items… It’s time for me to have a play with this. 😀


Nubia: Purple worms *drools*

If you two want to have fun unpacking the box (hopefully with your cat companion *meow*) don’t forget to order one here! And if this is your first time do enter our special discount code KATZEN30 at checkout for 30% your subscription price.

mypurrfect gift box plansMy Purrfect Gift Box Standard – Starting at £20.95 per month
Includes 3 – 5 full sized items each month

My Purrfect Gift Box Lite – Starting at only £15.95 per month
Includes 2 – 3 full sized items each month
(Lite box items are chosen from the Standard box)

Of course we don’t need to remind you that you should really choose one of the two plans with the Gifts for Kitty right??

You can also purchase individual items and one-off boxes on their shop here. Good if you’ve missed a particular item from a previous box.?

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Signed by,

Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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