CatTails – The story of my 4 friends

I am a card caring Crazy Cat Lady. I have four lovelies. Although, not all by choice. Hipster Ken, my boyfriend, came with two. I am currently learning Jewel on the CatTar to help my second oldest friend laugh away her c-section.

Dandy Lion is my best friend. And she is a cat. I really hate the term ‘best friend’ because it feels like you can only have one. Like a catty pecking order. I would rather have a million ‘best friends’; but that makes ‘best’ too general.

I purrrfer to rank my friends by how long I have known them. My oldest friend named Dandy Lion. My second oldest can’t be around her without having a severe allergies attack.  I met them both the first year of my life.

My second oldest friend and I are very different. Our personalities are like two completely different Lego pieces. They don’t look a like, but they fit. It’s nice because we don’t compare, we compliment. We compete all the time, but it feels like we both  win.

She recently had a baby. Children are to her as cats are to me AND Children are to me as cats are to her. She hates cats because of the allergies. I don’t hate children, I just don’t want them.

In an attempt to be a good friend, I offered to be her jogging partner. I actually hate to run unless someone is chasing me. But I know she needs heal and get back in to shape.

My solution is to learn Jewel songs on the guitar together. Why? Because we both love Jewel. And we will be so horrible that we will laugh at each other a lot. First up: Deep Water.

Caveat – or Catveat – In this very digital age, my second oldest friend does not like having her picture on the internet. I respect that. I often feel the same way. So I will be using Avatars, or Catatar’s to explain the journey.

About – Annette Hanley is learning how to write a ‘blook’ -> Web+Log+Book =Blook and make products from thrifted material. Read the ‘blooks’ on or follow the normal blog at

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