Purrsday Poetry: NINE LIVES, NINE YEARS by Raffi Lido

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Raffi Lido.


Dec 10, 2009
I remember –
you descended on this place
like a TBM Avenger
from an aero squadron
with your manic tour jetes
and oh so frantic
gravity defying ballets

How a gangly kitten kid
could overnight
become a chiseled feline
sculpture breathtaking
to behold
contest winning and bold
elegant, stately fine

Outside it was all your domain
the squirrels, laughed, though
when you jousted with them
they always won the skirmish

We thought you won the war
and what a war it was
but, alas, you came to me
by way of the stars
and back you went
when they called you
my surly boy
good and graceful exit, though
somewhat refined, dignified
Nine years you carried me

A long journey
full of quiet and endless days
cat-a tonic I was
– sometimes I hardly moved
but you inspired me
you would not take no
for an answer. When I refused
to go further-you pushed me until I did.

What a breathless ride, Sabra,
sabotaging me with your light switch tricks
while I was in the shower
your mad love affair with water
and all your myriad mischief

I, for my part,
will always treasure
your love, devotion
and lack of patience
your voracious appetite
and we will, indeed,
meet again at the rainbow bridge

Over the rainbow now,
sweet boy and to a
well deserved final bow
We part too quickly
but I will keep
the door open
to my heart
for the next big boy
to walk through
and when I look into his eyes
I will know I am reunited
with you
Raffi Lido

raffi lido poem

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26 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: NINE LIVES, NINE YEARS by Raffi Lido

  1. thelidoshuffle says:

    Thank you all. This was a piece that was very important to me because I was in a coma much of the time he was with me- catalepsy they call it and the only reason I survived was because of Mu. He was not for the faint of heart and I think that the best thing about him was he was a challenge and I needed to meet it.

    He had just won the Examiner Most Beautiful Pet Contest the day before he left me. He was something special, that fellow. A big Bengal f-1 (Avenger 🙂 with dragon diamonds all down his back. He is loved everlastingly and always with me.

    Thanks for sharing this memory with me and thank you Marc- Andre for the beautiful presentation.

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