Keeping Cats Cool this Summer! Part 2

Hi everyone,

Our friends on Twitter pointed out this very useful multi part infographic from Cats Protection!

Today we are back for Part 2 of the infographic! If you’ve missed part 1 don’t forget to check this out here.


Bit thanks goes to Time 4 Pets, our local pet shop for higlighting this infographic for us. 🙂

More tips can also be found on the Cats Protection Meow blog.

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15 thoughts on “Keeping Cats Cool this Summer! Part 2

  1. Terrific tips. We have a water bowl by the food dishes, but a fountain in the other room. Gracie and Zoe like the fountain the best.

    1. Fountains are great. 🙂

      Btw. Another infographic we are working on is covering that food and water should be separate. It’s something about their instinct of water sources that could be contaminated ;o

      1. We switch out the bowl by the food every other day, but what you’re saying about cats’ instincts about water sources being contaminated makes good sense. Thanks!

  2. Do you know why the water bowl should be placed away from the food bowl? To me, it always made sense to put them close to each other.Why is it better not to? THANKS!

    1. This has to do with their natural instincts. In the wild they would eat their prey as far away as possible from their water source as they would want to prevent contamination of said water source through decaying leftovers of meals. 😮

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