Keeping Cats Cool this Summer! Part 1

Hi everyone,

Our friends on Twitter pointed out this very useful multi part infographic from Cats Protection!

As we thought some of you may find this useful as well we just had to re-share it. 😀


Bit thanks goes to Time 4 Pets, our local pet shop for higlighting this infographic for us. 🙂

More tips can also be found on the Cats Protection Meow blog.

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25 thoughts on “Keeping Cats Cool this Summer! Part 1

  1. My little calico has been tap dancing around my flat, looking at me as if to say, “Mummy, please find the zipper that gets me out of all this fur!” Poor thing doesn’t understand we’re all in the same, uncomfortable, hot & humid boat. The only one that likes the current weather is the hedgehog. But, because of him, I cannot keep the entire place a nice frigid temperature. So, I keep one room air conditioned all day for the cat (a curtain in the doorway allows her unfettered access to the cool room,) and have fans set in all of the other rooms. I also keep the shades drawn to keep out the sun. Water is available in convenient bowls and also “on demand” at the bathroom and kitchen faucets.

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    1. So good to give her a nice cool room. 🙂

      We have only a fan no aircon so it’s been incredible difficult to keep it cool for our two. Aircon isn’t that common in flats in the UK because it doesn’t normally get this hot! We’ve got cooling blankets and loads of water.


  2. Great infografic! I do close the curtains on the sunny side of the house and have small table fans on the floor so the brezze is at cat height. I am lucky to have wood floors as most Americans seem to want wall-to-wall carpet and the wood floor is what the cats prefer. Much cooler. We have three water fountains and also I feed them before sunrise and after sunset when it is cooler and easier to digest food. The hot weather seems to be everywhere.

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    1. Most cats don’t like that (hence the tips) but Oliver for example goes up to the fan and looks straight into the wind stream for some coolness. It’s quite cute when he squints in that process lol

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