Why Natural Ingredients Are So Important for Cats

Cats are our best friends. They are with us through good times and bad. They love us unconditionally. Naturally, we want to take care of them the best way possible. This means giving them quality food and grooming products. Quality food and grooming products start with natural ingredients. The natural products help keep our cats healthy and happy. They help us do the right thing for the planet we live on.

Harmful Chemicals in Food and Shampoo

We naturally shy away from harmful ingredients in our food and in our personal grooming products. We know that these chemicals can provide lasting damage to our bodies. We avoid them and look for alternatives. The same should apply to how we look at cat products.


The Quality of Typical Cat Food

Many commercial cat foods are merely a mixture of ingredients designed to meet a minimum standard. Natural ingredients cost too much for the bean counters at these large manufacturers. Food is made with an analysis checklist to make the cheapest food possible. Cat food manufacturers pay scant concern to how they meet the minimum nutritional requirements.

Cat Food Scare of 2007

The pet food scare of 2007 highlighted this general lack of concern about quality ingredients. Melamine and cyanuric acid were mixed with wheat and rice proteins to artificially increase their protein level. Manufacturers were only concerned that specific numbers were maintained, not on potential health issues with using these harmful chemicals. This focus on the numbers caused the death and suffering of at least 8500 pets in the US alone, according to the FDA.

Natural Cat Food is Different

Natural cat food concentrates on all natural ingredients. The food ingredients closely mimic a dog or cat’s natural diet. Natural food chefs selectively choose quality ingredients that not only meet but exceed the nutrition requirements of the family cat. Foods with excessive pesticides or other reside are avoided. The natural cat food is made with a holistic approach that focuses on not only meeting survival nutritional needs but also the nutrition requirements to help your cat. thrive.

We know that our diet is better when we consume natural products. We knows that chemical food residues are unhealthy and that substandard ingredients cause long term health problems. Feeding our cats junk commercial cat food is analogous is eating McDonald’s 3 times a day.


Pet Shampoo Chemicals

Pet shampoos contain ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and methylchloroisothiazolinone. They are carcinogens, skin irritants and poisons. You probably wouldn’t have them in your own shampoo. Why buy a pet shampoo that relies on these harmful chemicals? Bathing pets in this brew could make them physically worse than before you gave them a bath.

Natural Shampoo Alternatives

Natural shampoos clean your cat in all natural way so they have a healthy clean. They contain the ingredients that help bring out their coat’s natural shine. They contain natural ingredients to fight fleas and ticks. They leave your cat smelling fresh and clean without chemical odors. In fact, the best smelling dog shampoo is an all natural shampoo.

Protect the Environment

All natural cat foods and cat shampoos not only help keep your cats happier and healthier, they are also good for the environment. Companies release harmful chemicals to the environment when they produce these products. We release harmful chemicals to the environment when we use these products. This results in lasting environmental impacts. It’s unsustainable, it affects our health, and it affects the health all the creatures living in our ecosystem.

Natural ingredients are so important to our cats and their health. Harmful ingredients can rob our cats of their vitality. They rob our best friends of their full potential. Using cat products made with all natural ingredients show how much we love our cats and are concerned for their well-being.


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20 thoughts on “Why Natural Ingredients Are So Important for Cats

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Pet Shampoo Chemicals should not be a problem at all – as there is the “law”:
    You SHALL NOT shampoo your cat! Unless medically necessary, cats do not need shampooing. Whoever does it is proxy-vain. Yes, they may be soiled sometimes – so what, they lick themselves clean. I know, my little one soils herself when we visit the vet. Panick, not a disease. She gets let out at home, I take care she does not jump up on the bed and she grooms herself till she is clean again.

    Comb your cat regularly if you have a long-haired breed. Brush it even. But do not shampoo your cat unless your vet says you have to! And then the vet will provide you with a medical shampoo!

    And if you bring your cat to a groomer (some owners of persians do) – make sure they do not use shampoo. It is NOT NECESSARY. *rant over*

    • Marc-André says:

      That is true for the most part on shampooing cats. There are however a few medical reasons why some cat owners may have to do regular shampooing.

      Certain types of breeds suffer from skin diseases that require this and in some rare cases cats can be allergic to their own dander (like us humans can be allergic to cats…). A friend of mine has a cat with that condition and the vet actually prescribed a special water less shampoo to her for this, once a week. :/

      • franhunne4u says:

        Yes, a medical shampoo – all is well when the vet says it has to be shampooing. But for other cats – remember: Your cats groom themselves about 4 hours a day – most of which they do by tongue. They lick all that soapy stuff of and have to digest it. So, unless your vet says it HAS TO BE – do not. Rather get your long hair breed sheared regularly … How would you react if somebody would put soap up your lips regularly and the only way to get rid of that would be to lick it of? Yeah, thought so.

  2. IreneDesign2011 says:

    I agree with you Marc and I will also say, if not necessary by illness, don’t bath your cat, it is not necessary.
    It would be nice, if you could bring up some of the good brands of natural food to inspire your readers. I have after long times search found few brands available in Europe and my cats are great to tell me, which they prefere.

  3. Pingback: meanlittleboy2

  4. perfectpanicky says:

    This is a load of hogwash. Some pet food companies are better than others about providing nutrition and quality control, but ALL of the complete and balanced cat foods on the market contain synthetic ingredients–it’s the only way to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals in with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. There is no evidence that ethoxyquin causes health problems in pets, but there is strong evidence that garlic is harmful. Which is natural? I mean, you can go ahead and pay extra for “natural” food if it makes you feel better, but it does NOT reflect on how much pet owners love their pets. Love is expressed in much more important ways than $$$ paid per bag.

    Also, I have had cats for most of my life and I have yet to give one a bath or a shampoo!

  5. natjtan says:

    When AJ’s allergies started getting worse I thought it could be the floor cleaner or washing up liquid. I switched to Froggy washing up liquid and as I was concerned about chemicals from the floor cleaner (them absorbing it through licking their paws) I switched to Dr Bronner’s 18 in 1 Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap. It’s all natural, cleans well even their litter tray!

  6. Vive les chats! says:

    Well, My father was a foodie, long before it was trendy to be a foodie. Guess what? I am foodie too… Freshly prepared food is pure joy! I also want my cats to eat well and be healthy, without going totally overboard…
    I would highly recommend grain free and low carb ACANA PACIFICA for the felines in your life. Please check it out.

  7. FreeMurrli says:

    Murrli’s diet consists of pet food (easiest to get for her, I suppose, as people are so easily duped by those big eyes), mice and rats. Yesterday she caught a baby pheasant. And she got a baby rabbit once. Oh yes, and insects. Murrli is semi-wild and a really good huntress.

  8. vianney botte says:

    The best food for pets is to prepare it yourself as you can choose the suitable ingredients for the health of your pets . It is so simple to get started with the ebook that I once bought.

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