Oliver & Nubia: Upside down punch versus Catit Roundabout!

Hi everyone,

Today we got a new toy from Amazon to try out! It’s part of the Catit Senses range and this one is the Roundabout.


Nubia: But why is it called a Roundabout?

Oliver: What! I thought you are the smart one of us two… It’s because the ball goes round and round AND round!


Oliver: Is this the button I need to press to turn it on?

Nubia: Press it!

Oliver: Ok…


Oliver: YES! That was it. 😀 Look it’s moving the ball now and flashing nicely

Nubia: Will you catch the ball for me?


Oliver: I’ll try… Maybe I can get it out here.

Nubia: Hurry up!


Oliver: Hmmmmm…..

Nubia: Come on Oli!


Oliver: Maybe from this end!

Nubia: Nope


Oliver: What? I was sure I’d get it out this way…

Nubia: Your paw is NOWHERE near the ball…


Oliver: Here?

Nubia: Nope!


Oliver: Almost!

Nubia: You are miles away…. total fail brother. 🙁


Oliver: Upside down karate paw punch!

Nubia: What??? You can barely hit targets the right way around LOL.


Oliver: Stop disturbing me… I almost got it.

Nubia: In your dreams. 😀


Nubia: I guess I’ll have to have a go instead now…


Oliver: Good luck!

Nubia: So it’s over there.


Nubia: Come here little ball! 😀

So what is our verdict on the Catit Roundabout you wonder? It’s brilliant! The ball itself is filled with catnip to help attract us kitties just that bit more to the toy.

Not that a moving object with flashy lights wouldn’t be enough… 😉

If you’ve got a playful kitty and are looking for a new toy for them we would highlight recommend this and you can purchase it from Amazon UK for £19.99 (price correct at time of writing this post)

For extra fun you can also combine this with the rest of the Catit range such as the super speed circuit. We shall see if we can get the humans to get us that one next! 😀

For those of you in the US you can also find the Catit range on Amazon US. Living in Germany? No problem it’s available on Amazon DE as well! 😀



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18 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Upside down punch versus Catit Roundabout!

  1. This looks great, where my cats an indoor cat I’m always looking for things to keep her entertained-looks like it would do the trick x

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