Mews: 7 Cardboard Cat Houses Inspired By Famous Architectural Landmarks

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember that we talked about the Blocks by Poopy Cat a while ago. They’ve just told us about a pawesome kickstarter campaign that they are doing for their latest range!

These amazing new playhouses are inspired by famous landmarks.

So what are the landmarks available you wonder?!? See them all below. 🙂

The Sphinx of Giza is the largest single-stone statue in the world. Although some people still believe it resembles a lion, we know better! Cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt, with this gift your cat may finally start to worship you! Click here to view high resolution image.

The most well known landmark in France, maybe even in Europe. View the city of love from 324 meters high. Pets are not allowed to access the real tower, our tower however is for pets only! Click here to view high resolution image.

The Purresidential residence of the United States since 1800. For cats with political ambition or an oversized ego.. Did you know that 11 US presidents had cats, Lincoln was the first in 1861 with Tabby & Dixie! Click here to view high resolution image.

St Basil’s Basilica is the most famous building in the Kremlin, and now you can ‘Put-in’ you pet. Built for Ivan the Terrible in 1555, who did not own a cat. Lenin had one though, pretty sure he was red. Click here to view high resolution image.

This perfect symmetrical structure was built for the emperor’s third wife. Love can surely construct great things. You can now make a similar romantic gesture for your cat. Click here to view high resolution image.

Pagoda temples originated in South Asia and are iconic places of peace. Here your pet can reflect life, the universe and everything. Your cat could be a Zen Master, they do seem to contemplate a lot! Click here to view high resolution image.

South America houses more pyramids than Egypt! The Maya start building them from 1000 BC. Fun fact, the end of the world prophecy was not supported by the Maya, this is why your cat was so chill in 2012…Click here to view high resolution image.


What do we think about this upcoming design? WE LOVE THEM! We’ve had some of their other products and know that their stuff is top notch!

  • Some key facts on the campaign so far:
  • Over 1.000 play houses ordered already
  • Over 600 backers worldwide
  • Almost 40K pledged
  • Campaign ends May 20th 2016
  • There are some amazing stretch goals available!
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Expected completion July 2016

All landmarks

So which of these shall we get for their Meowjesties Oliver & Nubia???

And don’t forget these are great not just for cats. 🙂

To get one for your pets visit the Kickstarter campaign.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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51 thoughts on “Mews: 7 Cardboard Cat Houses Inspired By Famous Architectural Landmarks

  1. siddiebowtie says:

    whaaaat? These are great! I’m pretty sure my ( human) daughter would enjoy these as much as my cat son would! Although i’m certain said cat would destroy it…but i still want some of them, just because they look great!

  2. Ritu says:

    Reblogged this on But I Smile Anyway… and commented:
    Cat Loving Peeps… and other pet loving Peeps out there, you should check out these amazing cardboard landmark ‘houses’ for them! They are pretty amaze balls! !!!!!!!
    Wonder which one Sonu Singh would like…?????

  3. joey says:

    Love this! I used to let my kitten play in my old dollhouse, and she loved it. She curled up in slept in it plenty 🙂 But then she grew…

  4. Jon says:


    I just read your article about cardboard cat scratchers. Thanks for sharing that, I learned a lot from it! By the way, is there a particular type of cardboard which you can recommend? It’s something I get asked quite often from my own blog’s readers and I would love to know what you might think of it.

    Also…. I have actually written an in depth resource for buying cardboard Cat Furniture and I would love it you could share it with your readers or let me know what you think (linked removed by WordPress)

    Kind Regards,


    • Marc-André says:

      Hi Jon,

      I am a bit confused by your comment. If you’ve done a review post on cardboard cat furniture why are you asking us for recommendations on cardboard???

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